OMGOMGOMG! Michael Cera, Kieran Culkin, and Tavi Gevinson Are Broadway Bound in This Is Our Youth!

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How exciting is this? Michael Cera, wowlebrity-in-law Kieran Culkin, and Rookie magazine editor/teen style guru Tavi Gevinson TOGETHER... ON BROADWAY.... Why, it's a hipster's wet dream! Any ONE of them on Broadway would be a cause for celebration, BUT ALL THREE? ... See the Rest

“It’s a Knockout!” Says The LA Times of Mike Tyson’s One-Man Show

Mike Tyson's "Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth - Live On Stage"

We might have all thought we were being punked when we first saw the ads for Mike Tyson's one-man show directed by Spike Lee coming to the Pantages Theater in LA, but, lo and behold, not only is it real, it's getting rave reviews. Even the theater critic who reviewed it for the ... See the Rest

Tuck Everlasting Heads to Broadway


The musical, based on the classic 1975 YA novel about a young girl who befriends a family that has gained eternal life by drinking from a spring that flows from a mysterious tree in the woods, will star Newsies cutie Andrew Keenan-Bolgeras as Jesse Tuck. According to Playbill: ... See the Rest

Your First Look: Newsies on Broadway

Spot Connelly, Racetrack Higgins, Crutchy, Boots, Mush – they're all here! And hot DAMN, there's nothing like a bunch of singin' and dancin' turn-of-the-century street waifs to get my juices going. I. CANNOT. WAIT! (via Jezebel) ... See the Rest

Tune for the Toilet

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This song is no joke. At least it wasn't meant to be. It's news to us, but in the 1960s corporations often hired Broadway songwriters to compose show-stopping musicals about their products then get them recorded on albums which would be given away at trade shows. In 1969, the ... See the Rest

Cody Linley is Broadway bound

After the runaway smash success of his recent horror flick Forget Me Not (huh?), the Hannah Montana and Dancing with the Stars cutie is hoofin' it over to the the Great White Way in an all new production of Over Here. Glad to see he's putting those dancing muscles to good use! ... See the Rest

OMG! Meet Broadway’s Spider-man: Reeve Carney

Wow! Yum! Holy Moley! The $50 million Bono/Edge-scored Broadway musical is set to debut "sometime in 2010" starring THIS DUDE, Reeve Carney from the band Carney. And all I can say is "POINT ME TO THE TICKET MASTER!" and "Tobey WHO?" because I AM IN LOVE! YOWZA! He's somewhere ... See the Rest

The house that Harry built

Here is the $5.65 million, five bedroom Manhattan townhouse on West 12th Street that Daniel Radcliffe just bought. It was originally built in 1847 by a sea captain for his daughter, which is vaguely interesting, I suppose. Or would be if it was MY townhouse. Anyway, the point of ... See the Rest