Being My Own Boss

Administrative error results in unintentional identity theft. ... See the Rest

Boxing Clever

Video thumbnail for youtube video Boxing Clever - World of Wonder

Late last year, WoW spent several very intense days in a room with one of the world's most remarkable and ridiculous beatboxers, as he attempted to recreate the UK Top 10 from various years in history... using just his voice, his samplers, and occasionally a keyboard. ... See the Rest

Find other findings or find Nutt sacked

Drugs debate is in full swing today after the sacking last week of Professor David Nutt, the British government's top drugs adviser. Over the weekend, two of Professor Nutt's colleagues have jacked in their positions on the country's drugs advisory panel after realizing it ... See the Rest

While My Eigenharp Gently Weeps

Video thumbnail for youtube video While My Eigenharp Gently Weeps - World of Wonder

I've seen the future. And it's a flashing clarinet-guitar.The Eigenharp's claim to be "the most revolutionary new musical instrument of the last 60 years" got me excited. However, just as the first displays of synthesizers didn't really indicate their awesome power to wreck ... See the Rest


Video thumbnail for youtube video AN ENGLISHMAN'S VIEW OF YOUR FREAKISH CITY - World of Wonder

In England, our heritage is kept alive by reenactment societies, who hold dull performances in light drizzle during poorly attended county fairs. The best we can hope for is the odd accidental death. It's taken me a journey of more than 5,000 miles to really experience how ... See the Rest

Sugababes or Artificial Sweetener?

I imagine you kids in the States have no clue who the Sugababes are, but fuck it, I gotta rip on this. The group was formed in 1998 by original members Keisha Buchanan, Mutya Buena, and Siobhan Donaghy... then Siobhan left due to fighting. Siobhan was replaced by Heidi ... See the Rest

Kiddy Porn

You know those fun little labels on DVD's and video games that tell you how old you need to be to buy them... Turns out that here in the UK, not only are they invalid, but also it's been that way since 1984! Yesterday The Times reported that the 1984 Video Recordings Act that ... See the Rest

Weasels Ripped My Flesh

Take 5 and head over to to have a look through the greatest collection of vintage men's magazine covers the world has ever seen.  Possibly the only collection of vintage men's magazine covers the world has ever seen. From the sexy to the surreal, the ... See the Rest