Sunday Male Call

Nolan Gerard Funk is Pantone blue. ... See the Rest

Boy from Australia

Slots. (Three more bum shots at mypantsareonfire) ... See the Rest

A Wet Tyler Posey Acting Stupid with a Towel

And we don't mean stoopid fresh. (via poisonparadise) ... See the Rest

Evening Male Call

Make the jump. ... See the Rest

Pedro and the Pup

Here are two of the WOW Report's favorite mainstays, pups and peens, embodied in one image. Photo of Pedro Butti holding a pooch by Enzo ... See the Rest

Best Costume of the Day: Skin and Bones

Oh, and a pumpkin. (via Fake Blood)   ... See the Rest

Got a Nickel?

(via Quiet Hands) ... See the Rest