Did Aussie Heartthrob Brenton Thwaites Just Come Out as Bisexual?

Incredibly looooong and boring interview with Aussie hunk Brenton Thwaites (star of Occulus, The Giver, and Maleficent) about absolutely nothing, just a lot of nattering on about preparing for roles BLAH BLAH BLAH – I can't even tell you why I watched as long as I did. Then, in ... See the Rest

Oh Dear. We Need to Talk About Brenton Thwaites on Red Carpet at The Giver Premiere

Hoookay. Deep breath. I need to calm down because he's just a young kid. New to the red carpet scene. And obviously heterosexual (that HAIR!). So... this time I'll give him break. But I must do my due diligence as a blogger and and ask OHMYFUCKINGGOD WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? Who ... See the Rest

OMGOMGOMG: Have You SEEN the Trailer for The Signal?

One of the most intriguing things I've seen in EONS. A boy is interrogated by a man in a Haz-Mat suit as dream-like images of his life float by. But is it REALLY his life? They talk about "his condition" and when he first heard "the signal" but nothing is really explained. If you ... See the Rest

What You Missed if You Didn’t Watch the Blue Lagoon Remake Saturday Night

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On the Blue Lagoon Set with Brenton Thwaites

Not QUITE Christopher Atkins, but he'll do. He'll do. (via Poison ParadiseSee the Rest

Two on the Isle

Oh my, here are Australian TV stars Brenton Thwaites and Indiana Evans shooting a kissing scene in Maui for the swoony Lifetime remake of The Blue Lagoon, that 1980 softcore kiddy-porn favorite starring Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins. ... See the Rest