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Gift Ideas for the Twi-Tots on Your List


(via Etsy, of course) ... See the Rest

The Dress That All of London Is Talking About Today


Glamour model-turned-DJ Lauren Pope arrived at the Breaking Dawn premiere in London wearing a "custom made" dress by Louis Heal that made J-Lo's infamous Grammy dress look positively puritanical in comparison. Tweeted Pope (in an Eliza Doolittle accent, I presume): "On way to Twilight premiere, hope we ain't too late! I musta used a whole roll of ... See the Rest

Coming Through the Rye: Boo Boo Stewart for Glamoholic Magazine

Screen shot 2011-11-16 at 4.00.23 PM

 Twilight's littlest werewolf covers Glamoholic Magazine, and if I didn't know better I'd swear I was looking at a young AC Slater in that first pic. (via Just Jared Jr) ... See the Rest

The Breaking Dawn LA Premiere


Three years into the franchise and I still can't tell my Ashley Greenes from my Nikki Reeds. Bad fag. ONE of them is wearing a lovely seafoam-colored Marchesa gown, while the other one (as dlisted points out) "looks like a giant red lace tampon cozy." Then there's Taylor, and I'm sorry, but this picture clinches it: I'm just not that into him ... See the Rest

Jackson Rathbone and Boo Boo Stewart Visit the Occupy Twilight Encampment


The two stars with the least amount of screen time visit the grateful wackadoodles who've been camping outside the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles for the last week. All the long nights, rainy days, and freezing temperatures were suddenly worth it, huh, ladies? BOO BOO STEWART AND JACKSON RATHBONE! Whooo HOOO! (via Just Jared Jr) ... See the Rest

All you need to know about ‘Breaking Dawn’

Video thumbnail for youtube video All you need to know about 'Breaking Dawn' - World of Wonder

The crazy shit that ACTUALLY happens in Stephanie Meyer's fourth installment of the Twilight Series, Breaking Dawn, is hilariously enacted for you here. That includes Edward and Bella's back-breaking sex, Bella's incredibly quick pregnancy, the Cesarean-by-vampire-teeth, and A WEREWOLF FALLS IN LOVE WITH A BABY. Yes, that's right. Jacob falls in ... See the Rest