Lentil the Singing Cat

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Lentil the Singing Cat sings a jaunty tune as she has her breakfast. We should all be so happy in the morning. ... See the Rest

Start Your Day with a Hot Breakfast


... See the Rest

Your Pantone Breakfast

pantone bacon 'n' eggs

Pantone bacon 'n' eggs are always eggsactly the right color. ... See the Rest

Breakfast: Bacon Bad

Bacon Bad

Breakfast with Walter White ... See the Rest

The Breakfast Gif Shop


Cereal series. Snap, crackle, pop art. ... See the Rest

Happy Breakfast


(t/y Louis) ... See the Rest

Cheerios Parody: Eat It Haters

Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 1.14.28 PM

After all the hate spawned by the Cheerios's bi-racial family commercial, this parody helps get the bad taste out of your mouth. ... See the Rest

The Toast of the Art World


Famous works of art served up on toast. (via moon83) ... See the Rest