Fashion Orgasm of the Day

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THESE! These fabulous tweeds from the Chanel Pre-Fall 2013 menswear "Dressed to the Kilt" Highland fling collection! Gasping! Flopping on the floor! Trouble breathing! Brad Kroenig and his little fashionista son, Hudson, SLAY ME. That's it. I'm done for the day. What could POSSIBLY top this? Look at the entire collection here while I compose ... See the Rest

Hudson Kroenig Is Better Dressed Than You’ll Ever Be

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The three-year-old son of male supermodel Brad Kroenig was the talk of Paris fashion week yet again, modeling in his godfather Karl's fashion show, wearing a chic-as-shit gray Chanel boy's jacket and carrying a purple quilted Chanel bag. Nah, I don't foresee any problems ahead for this kid. ... See the Rest

Hot Look of the day

Former Lagerfeld "muse" Brad Kroenig and current Lagerfeld "muse" Baptiste Giabiconi (HI, HONEY!) opened the Fall/Winter Chanel show together in their "Wookie/Wookie WOW!" look. And although I probably wouldn't get much use out of an outfit like this in balmy Southern California, the one day of the year that it would be cold enough to wear, TOTALLY ... See the Rest