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First Look: That Awkward Moment

Zac Efron continues his quest for big-boy acceptance in his new raunchy brom-com That Awkward Moment. In the Red Band trailer here, you see him rock out with his cock out (kind of) and take too much Viagra and pee horizontally on the toilet (which I'm pretty sure is not a solution. Discuss among yourselves). That Awkward Moment also stars Miles ... See the Rest

Boys Will Be Boys


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Good Time Harry


Oh, Louis. (via Sinister Lava) ... See the Rest

Dirty Harry


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This Is What the People Want

Screen shot 2012-03-01 at 10.39.40 AM

Right, bro? Right? Are you ready for this shit? IT'S WHAT THE PEOPLE FUCKIN' WANT! A couple of bros light their fellow bro's hair on fire while feeding him flaming nachos. As Matt Stopera at BuzzFeed says: "If you needed anymore proof that this generation is the GREATEST generation here it is." Added bonus: Flaming douchebag boy is really cute. ... See the Rest

bitter bieber twitter battle hottie speaks

And omg this kid is gonna be bigger than the Bieb, I'm telling you. He's got star quality written all over him! MSNBC's Tony Alexander seems to agree. "Well, this may be a cyber battle, but you got some good Justin Bieber hair goin' yourself, Kevin," he purrs to the Michigan teen at one point. Also, I love it when he tries to get all yo! yo! street ... See the Rest