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Snap: Mario Balotelli IN HIS UNDERWEAR!

Wearing just a pair of underwear, sexy Italian footballer Mario Balotelli admires the view from his hotel balcony in Miami. The 23 year old AC Milan ... See the Rest

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The Takeaway from Last Night’s Million Dollar Listing New York… In GIFs!

The most buzzed-about moments from last night's super-fab episode of Million Dollar Listing New York  after the jump! ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Mesmerizing Must-See Video: Randy Blue Porn Stars Lip Dub Beyonce's "Blow" - World of Wonder

Mesmerizing Must-See Video: Randy Blue Porn Stars Lip Dub Beyonce’s “Blow”

Absolutely ADORABLE. Randy Blue's high-spirited crew of porn stars lip sync for their lives to Beyonce's "Blow," while gyrating in multi-colored ... Watch Now

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Celebrity Bulge: Sexy GIFs of Canadian Big Brother’s Kenny Brain

I cannot, in good faith, endorse these GIFs of Kenny Brain flopping around in his underoos. They're hot, no doubt about it, but he's just so damn ... See the Rest

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Shirtless Jake T Austin GIFs

The former wizard of Waverly takes a semi-nude selfie and, my, how he's grown.  ... See the Rest

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12 Amazing Nude Photos Looking Back at Matthew Mcconaughey’s HardBody of Work

Before he was ACADEMY AWARD WINNER Matthew Mcconaughey, he was FREQUENTLY SEMI-NUDE Matthew Mcconaughey. Check out a dozen of his steamiest pics.  ... See the Rest

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Hunks Du Jour: Ryan Lochte in His Speedo, Trey Songz in His Underoos, The Red Power Ranger Shows off His Abs and MORE!

What a day! What a lineup! The SEXIEST MEN IN THE WORLD after the jump! ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Flashback 1978: Robbie Benson in Tighty-Whities - World of Wonder

Flashback 1978: Robby Benson in Tighty-Whities

Robby. ROBBY! Probably THE HOTTEST star of the '70s. Ode to Billie Joe? CHANGED MY LIFE. You can have your Willie Ames and Leif Garrets and your Matt ... See the Rest