Holiday Beefcake Flashback! The Warwick Rowers Sing Christmas Carols… In Their Underwear!

One of my favorite posts from 2014: The humpy Warwick Rowers have been EVERYWHERE in the news lately, promoting their nude calendar, ... Watch Now

Former Disney Star Gregg Sulkin Shows His Peen Print in Flaunt Magazine

Pillowy-lipped prettyboy Gregg Sulkin (of Wizards of Waverly Place, Pretty Little Liars, and Faking It) poses shirtless in the desert wearing just a pair of underoos in this photo shoot for Flaunt magazine. And, my goodness, YOU CAN SEE HIS ... See the Rest

Tyler Posey Goes Skateboarding In His Underoos Because Life Is Good

Teen Wolf star and noted exhibitionist Tyler Posey went skateboarding in his underwear ... See the Rest


It was THE Oscar moment of 2015. Well, not really, but you know it was pitched in the meeting as THE VIRAL EVENT that would set the gay blogosphere ON FIRE.  NPH in his tighty-whiteys, recreating the ... See the Rest

Check Out Calvin Harris’ HUGE PACKAGE in the New Armani Underwear Ads – OH MY!

Calvin seems determined that we view him as a sex symbol and not just a faceless deejay/record producer – which is perfectly OK with me. Here he is fairly popping ... See the Rest

VOTE NOW for Your Favorite Calvin Klein Underwear Model OF ALL TIME!

I'm not going to hate on Justin for posing in his Underoos. He looks good. Head's a little bobbly. And he's doing that super-annoying puppydog face that Kate McKinnon does so well on SNL. But whatever. How does he stack up, though, to the Pantheon of other Calvin Klein underwear ... See the Rest

Finally! Underoos for Adults!

No more surreptitiously lurking in the kiddie ... See the Rest

The Most Important GIFs from Last Night’s American Horror Story: Freak Show

Finn Wittrock and Matthew Bomer, man. It was all about the psycho killer and the hustler hottie last night, in their (oddly bulge-free) tightie whiteys. Check out the super-fab GIFs from last night's episode after the jump. ... See the Rest