One Direction Reality Show In the Works

One Direction Reality Show

Because Simon Cowell and the boy of One Direction are not quite rich enough, they now have a reality show in the works. Do YOU want more 1D (I know JSJ does). ... See the Rest

Boy Bands a-Poppin’

Boy band Union J arrive at the studios ahead of the 'X Factor UK' live show in London

Union J and GMD3 arrive at the X Factor UK studios in London. And I spy a little Harry, a little Louis, a mini Liam, a ... See the Rest

Take a Bow

Screen shot 2012-06-12 at 9.37.41 AM

Also from The Wanted, Max George and Tom Parker take turns adorning themselves with a festive bow as they greet fans at LAX. (via Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest

Cape Porn


K-pop sensation (and one of the most fabulous people on the planet) T.O.P., from the upcoming Big Bang video "Monster." ... See the Rest

Awesome One Direction Parody: “You Don’t Know We’re Terrible”

Screen shot 2012-04-25 at 1.33.39 PM

Boys in bad wigs stutter and point at things and sing "nah nah nah." I think I love them more than the real deal. Favorite lyric: "You thought that boybands were dead and gone/but like cancer and AIDS we're still going strong/ten million tween girls and old perverts can't be ... See the Rest

Just to Switch Things Up a Bit, Here’s a Post About The Wanted

Screen shot 2012-04-18 at 12.24.04 PM

In news that will shock absolutely no one who has ever met a cheeky British lad, The Wanted's lead singer Tom Parker insinuates that their #1 song "I'm Glad You Came" is about... wait for it... ORGASMS. Uh, duh. See the Rest

I’m Confused and Upset


See the Rest

Trend Alert: Is Louis’ Hair Getting Whooshier?


The One Direction boys are currently in Toronto, where it's Beatlemania everywhere they go. Every day I see new pictures of them, and every day I switch my allegiance from one boy to the next. Today is a Louis kind of day, and is it just me, or is his hair getting See the Rest