#Flashback: Remember Eddie Cibrian’s (Embarrassing) Boy Band “3Deep”?

You could say Eddie Cibrian has had a diverse career. Prior to his ... See the Rest

One Direction Reality Show In the Works

Because Simon Cowell and the boy of One Direction are not quite rich enough, they now have a reality show in the works. Do YOU want more 1D (I know JSJ does). ... See the Rest

Boy Bands a-Poppin’

Union J and GMD3 arrive at the X Factor UK studios in London. And I spy a little Harry, a little Louis, a mini Liam, a ... See the Rest

Take a Bow

Also from The Wanted, Max George and Tom Parker take turns adorning themselves with a festive bow as they greet fans at LAX. (via Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest

Cape Porn

K-pop sensation (and one of the most fabulous people on the planet) T.O.P., from the upcoming Big Bang video "Monster." ... See the Rest

Awesome One Direction Parody: “You Don’t Know We’re Terrible”

Boys in bad wigs stutter and point at things and sing "nah nah nah." I think I love them more than the real deal. Favorite lyric: "You thought that boybands were dead and gone/but like cancer and AIDS we're still going strong/ten million tween girls and old perverts can't be ... See the Rest

Just to Switch Things Up a Bit, Here’s a Post About The Wanted

In news that will shock absolutely no one who has ever met a cheeky British lad, The Wanted's lead singer Tom Parker insinuates that their #1 song "I'm Glad You Came" is about... wait for it... ORGASMS. Uh, duh. See the Rest

I’m Confused and Upset

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