Jessica Alba and Ross Mathews with The World According to Wonder Book and BTS RuPaul’s Drag Race Photos!

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You can get your copy of The World According to Wonder on Amazon or on the iBook store and be just like these RuPaul’s Drag Race guest judges! Watch RuPaul’s Drag Raceseason 7 on Logo! See more RuPaul’s celebrity guest judge photos by Mathu Andersen here.    ... See the Rest

#NSFW: Lady Bunny On Male Eye Candy In “Beefcake 100% Raw, All-Natural”


NSFW: A sexy new book, Beefcake; 100% Raw, All-Natural from Petra Mason (Universe) rehashes mid-century gay male physique mags. Honestly not a lot new here that you haven't seen before. But they were smart and got foreword from the outspoken drag legend and Wowlebrity, Lady Bunny. Here's a little sample: "I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but ... See the Rest

My Prime Time: Middle Age Is Just the Beginning by Nelson Aspen

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It's Monday. I'm tired. I'm grouchy. My skin looks like oatmeal. My manboobs are driving me to distraction. I miss being young. My old chum, entertainment reporter Nelson Aspen, has written a new book My Prime Time: MIddle Age Is Only the Beginning – which might be just the thing to jumpstart my day. In this funny, inspiring memoir, Nelson ... See the Rest

NYC Summer Reading List: A Central Park Vision, Trans Confusion In Bushwick and Salinger Encounters in Billyburg


I haven't read these yet but out of a slew of summer releases, these look the most promising to me. Most are available on Amazon, for the hardcover or Kindle version or the easiest to me, just search iBook and download and you can be reading one of these books in 5 minutes. Modern life has its perks sometimes. The Snow Queen by Michael ... See the Rest

Palaces of Books: The Library Is Open – For Now

New York City Public Library

Last week was National Library Week, and with our beautiful Rizzoli bookstore closing and the New York Public Library in danger, it's time to appreciate these architectural wonders while they're still here. Let your eyes wander over are some of the world's most wonderful libraries to go along with the Wow Report's long reads. Yes, it IS ... See the Rest

Rob Lowe Still Owns the Sexy

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I mean, look at him. Rob Lowe just turned 50 on St. Paddy's Day and hot damn is he still fine as hell. He is just a man who was blessed with insane genes. Yes, he looks older, things have shifted, but he's doing it all so sexy-like and flawlessly. He also has been married for 23 years in Hollywood and that is almost unheard of these days. He's got ... See the Rest

Katie Price Launches New Book

Katie Price attends a photocall at the launch of her autobiography 'Love, Lipstick And Lies' at the Worx in London

  I really don't feel like I need a reason to post a picture of Katie Price, so here she is at the launch of her autobiography, Love, Lipstick and Lies. I mean, can't you see why she is one of my style heroes? (Photo: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest

James Franco Covers William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying

franco faulkner

The critics balk at the audacity, but Franco's writing and directing the movie interpretation of Faulkner's 1930 classic. And starring in it. The New York Times book critic Keith Uhlich tweeted "Oh for fuck's sake." But we agree with The Inquisitr: "Given his starring role in the film and the standard Hollywood tie-in, many Franco fans have stood ... See the Rest