The World According to Wonder

Book ‘Em: The World According to Wonder

This is just ONE sentence about RuPaul from The World According to Wonder! To read some fabulous stories about RuPaul (pre AND post RuPaul's Drag ... See the Rest


Proud Marys Reading The World According to Wonder at the WeHo Pride Parade

At the WeHo Pride parade, revelers (including Mario Diaz, Jimmy James, and Bob's Burgers' John Roberts) couldn't be pried away from the WOW coffee ... See the Rest

Luis Xtravaganza Camacho

Belated Birthday Shout-Out to Wowlebrity Louis Xtravaganza

Was there a queen alive who wasn't in love with Louis when Madonna's "Vogue" video came out? If there was, I wouldn't want to know them. Louis was and ... See the Rest


Shelf Life: Excerpts from The World According to Wonder

Photo of the WOW family, circa 1988. From top, left: Michael Musto, Trade, David Goldman aka Betty Jack DeVine, Albert Crudo, Randy Barbato, RuPaul ... See the Rest


Another Rave Review for The World According to Wonder!

Josh from Walla Walla, Washington, writes to say: "One out of one unicorns approve of The World According to Wonder. The rest were eaten by Voldemort ... See the Rest


Oh, Jesus: Fenton and Randy Talk to Kirkus Reviews About What’s Next for World of Wonder

Fenton and Randy were interviewed in the Kirkus Reviews – the publishing industry's BIBLE – about The World According to Wonder, their storied ... See the Rest


Back in Stock!

For a brief, horrifying moment, The World According to Wonder was out of stock on Amazon, due to its incredibly high demand! Of course, it was all ... See the Rest


Book ‘Em: Photographers Idris+Tony Discuss the Making of The World According to Wonder Pt. 2

JSJ:  What are some of your favorite pictures? TONY:  Alright, let's see, we have the book here.  We’ll just kind of flip through... JSJ:  Page ... See the Rest