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Twinks on the scene! The ever-stylish Brandt brothers, Peter II and Harry, hit the Versace for H&M party in New York. That's Peter with the red-collar. You remember him, don't you? Maybe you remember the boner he had on the beach last year, after hugging his supermodel ... See the Rest


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No, the underage shirtless hunk doing back flips and high kicks here isn't Taylor Lautner. It's his younger look-alike Boo Boo Stewart. But if you squint, you can hardly tell the difference. It looks like the PTB of the Twilight franchise have decided if lightening struck once, ... See the Rest

Jasper the Vampire talks about something or other

Movie Trailers - Movies BlogJackson Rathbone – who is no relation to Basil, I'm disappointed to say – was always my favorite Twilight vampire. Sort of. Maybe. I mean, I also liked Cam Gigandet and Robert Pattinson. A LOT. And I'd do Peter Facinelli, in a pinch. But not Kellan ... See the Rest