Alyssa Edwards Has a Boob Malfunction On This New Alyssa’s Secret!

Alyssa's Secret

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Alyssa’s Secret – Bloopers Pt. 2

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This week's Alyssa's Secret is full of bloopers and never before seen footage from past episodes! Watch and fall even more in love with Alyssa ... Watch Now

Alyssa’s Secret

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The new episode of Alyssa's Secret is finally here. Sorry for the delay, but better late than never. Am I right, ladies? This week's episode is all bloopers from past episodes! New episodes of Watch Now

%$*#! Bloopers with Your Host, Mariah Carey

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This makes me some likey some... (Can we try that again?) This makes me like this hot mess of a man... wo–. (One more time) This makes me like her. (Yes!) See the Rest

News Bloopers 2012

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                          (via ... See the Rest

Ed Magaña’s Friday Vid Bits


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Robots Playing Soccer (Blooper Reel)


We had no idea, but robots playing soccer is a thing. A really big thing. ... See the Rest

Naughty Newscasters


The Sex O'clock News. A blooper reel. ... See the Rest