All I Want for Christmas: Jewelry That Hooks Into Your Veins and Converts Blood Flow Into Electricity

Because why not? Who knows when you'll have to charge a mobile device alone in the woods WITH JUST YOUR BLOOD? Israeli jewelry designer Naomi Kizhner has designed jewelry pieces ... See the Rest

German Magazine Vangardist Prints Issue Using HIV+ Blood Instead of Ink

A new campaign from the German men's magazine Vangardist and the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi has ... See the Rest

Bloody Hiddles

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Justin Bieber in Southampton: There Will Be Blood

In Southampton on Saturday, Justin Bieber and his henchmen were their usual uncivilized selves at a South Pointe nightclub. Showing up at two in the morning, Bieber, wearing sunglasses and a backwards hat, took over the VIP section with his entourage, four “intimidating” and ... See the Rest

A Close Shave on True Blood

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Got Blood?

It does a body good. ... See the Rest

Shut Up and Kiss Me: The “Bill Skarsgard with Bloody Lips” Gif Shop

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‘Toon for Today

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