There’s Some New Punctuation On the Way to Confuse Everybody Even More

Get ready! There's some FAAABULOUS new punctuation being introduced that looks to make life a LOT easier for bloggers and texting addicts and, well, just about ... See the Rest

Must-See Parody! The Wolf of BuzzFeed

A kick-ass parody of clickbait culture and BuzzFeed's journalistic abuses, this shot-for-shot parody of the Wolf of Wall Street trailer is an absoute must-see. “I love three things: I love nostalgia, I love cat pictures, and I love getting ... Watch Now

The Boy Scouts’ Blogging Merit Badge

It's a real badge, seen here greatly enlarged. ... See the Rest

On Vacation

I'm off for a few weeks, getting some well-deserved ME TIME. I'll try to post periodically, but really, I just want to unplug from the internet, avoid pop culture, and LET LOOSE ... See the Rest

Internet Crushes of the Year

Here is our list of our favorite internet crushes – the bloggers, tumblrs, and internet freaks that we visit every day. Thank you for the joy and inspiration you give us. If we could, we'd smother you all with a thousand kisses. Andy from See the Rest

Munk’s the Word

You got to know and love him during season one of Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, and now you can read his stories and be regaled by his pithy commentary and ... See the Rest

My Favorite New Blog: Blackboards in Porn

Celebrating pornographers who go the extra mile when set dressing classroom porn and actually write something on the blackboard. What do they write, and is it correct? In this example: "The graph is roughly the correct shape, but is not positioned correctly: It clearly intersects ... See the Rest

Effing Knee-Deep in Blogging

This is why we don't always take your calls here at the WOW Report. But it's so embarrassing to actually see and hear it.  ... See the Rest