It’s Your Final Chance to Vote for the WOWie Awards! Voting Ends at NOON TOMORROW!

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VOTE NOW! Only 5 More Days to Vote for the WOWie Awards!

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VOTE NOW! The 2013 WOWie Award Nominations

All year long we've been nominating our favorite blogs, Tumblrs, Instagrammers, celebrity tweeters, and YouTubers for a coveted WOWie Award. Now that we’ve done the nominations, it’s time for YOU to vote. Next month, we're having a huuuuuuuuge ceremony where we announce the ... See the Rest

The July WOWIE Award Nominees

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It’s the LAST DAY OF THE MONTH, and you know what that means! Time to nominate our favorite blog, Tumblr, Instagram, celebrity tweeter, and YouTuber for a coveted WOWIE AWARD. At the end of the year, we’re having a HUGE CEREMONY to announce the winners, and it’s going to be ... See the Rest

Blog Love: Meet Nell Frizzell

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From the Daily Mail: "The 28-year-old freelance arts journalist from London posts a picture on her blog, entitled Goppeldangers, once a week with a hilarious new celebrity dress-up. Nell's only rules are to recreate celebrities from iconic images and to make props, costumes and ... See the Rest

Pulp Fiction Covers Re-Imagined for the Internet Era

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From the satirical blog ChristWire: "[We have condensed] the dreams of our epoch’s most infamous internet and media personalities into pithy, sincere expressions... If today’s so-called artists and thinkers had the energy and wherewithal to actually write something in long form ... See the Rest