Fire the Art Director

As you could imagine just by seeing this ad, this one didn't go over so well and has already been yanked. Illamasqua, an amazing line of cosmetics, thought this ... See the Rest doesn’t get it

... See the Rest

Oh those wacky german fans

Lady Gaga poses with some little monsters at a club called Laboratory in Berlin. Not sure if that's actual blackface they're going for, or maybe more of a poopy brownface (you know Germans). I guess the lesson is that you can ... See the Rest

So not the hot look of the day

Three times makes it a trend! It's official: blackface is back! First there was Roger Sterling as Al Jolson on Mad Men, ... See the Rest

Blackface Face-off

Wowlebrity Tom Campbell wonders "Who did it better?" As in, who was more mortifyingly inappropriate in blackface: Suzanne Sugarbaker as Diana Ross or Roger Sterling as Al Jolson? Ah, but it's all in ... See the Rest


...Because I found this hellishly entertaining.  Who in the production crew piped up saying; "I love the act, but surely it would be more authentic in unbelievably racist black face makeup, oh and don't even bother with the trumpet... you know you can just make the same ... See the Rest