Life Is Good When You’re Gisele Bundchen


Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is on a gorgeous holiday (or maybe she is working, not important) and decided to snap a photo in the mirror of her room with a balcony. I am quite certain no one is admiring the landscaping with that body staring you in the face. She's had two kids and is literally flawless. Bitch. ... See the Rest

Ed Magana’s Friday Vid Bits


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About Last Night


I am literally seething with envy. There is nothing I love to eat more than cake. Especially birthday cake with buttercream icing. Sofia Vergara went out the night before the Globes and tweeted a picture of herself enjoying a big ass piece of cake. Then she wore that sickening Michael Cinco sweetheart mermaid gown. Bitch. ... See the Rest

IT’s Birthday, Bitch

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It’s Birthday, Bitch

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IT’s Birthday, Bitch

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IT’s Birthday, Bitch

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It’s Birthday, Bitch

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