Selena Gomez and Her Baby Sister Gracie

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                    Having a sister that is 20 years younger than you may be a good thing. It's like built in birth control as you could see what raising a kid is all about with little to no ... See the Rest

The SNL IUD: NuvaBling

Wow up that womb! Glam up that clam! Shine up that 'gine! ... See the Rest

Streep and Silverman for Repro Rights


... See the Rest

So This Happened

(via awkward messages; t/y Fizaa) ... See the Rest

Fore!-play: Condomaximum

Apparently, there won't be any of his mistresses coming forward with tiny future caddies if this condom-covered effigy of Tiger Woods is based in fact, which we're guessing it isn't. The mannequin was created by Thailand's Population and Community Development Association to ... See the Rest

Obviously Michael’s Not The Father…

t/y Prego StoriesBecause he was on birth control! According to a former doctor, Michael was prescribed Depo Provera, a drug that works to limit the menstrual cycle. A shot of Depo can limit periods to just a few per year or "chemically castrate" men, who may have taboo sex ... See the Rest