#NoNoTayTay: Joni Mitchell Says Nope To Taylor Swift Playing Her


Back in 2012, Taylor Swift was in talks to portray folk legend Joni Mitchell in a big-screen adaptation of Girls Like Us, a book that focuses on the impact of Joni, Carol King and Carly Simon. But the role was never confirmed. Two years later, we now know why the film wasn't greenlit: Mitchell prevented the biopic from being made. Joni recently ... See the Rest

Kelly Rowland Wants the Donna Summer Movie Gig

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 7.07.57 PM

Like, now. Kelly Rowland is not playing around. She posted this pic on Instagram with a #TBT as a hashtag, but really she was giving the casting people an eyeful. She looks fantastic. She nailed the Thank God It's Friday era indeed. Apparently Spike Lee is in talks to direct the biopic. ... See the Rest

Zendaya To Play Aaliyah In Biopic

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We knew it would happen, just not when or who. Well now we know. US Weekly is reporting that Zendaya is the young lady who will step into the big shoes of playing R&B princess, Aaliyah. I am sure it won't come down to acting chops with this Lifetime movie, but the script. We will all see which way they decide to tell her story. ... See the Rest

Casting News: Bette Midler to Play Mae West in HBO Project

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Yeah, I can see it. From Joe. My. God: "HBO Films has put in development Mae West, a movie about the true Hollywood original Mae West, with Bette Midler attached to star and executive produce. The project is the brainchild of William Friedkin (The Exorcist), who will direct and executive produce. Broadway heavyweight Harvey Fierstein, who recently ... See the Rest

Cohen Not Goin’ to Play Freddie Mercury


Sacha Baron Cohen was heart-set to play the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in a bio pic on the musician, but the remaining members of the band, who have script and director approval, didn't see eye-to-eye with the actor over content. So, sadly, Cohen has pulled out of the project. Seems the band wants to make a PG movie about Queen, while ... See the Rest

Ginnifer Goodwin as Jacqueline Kennedy: First Look


The National Geographic Channel released this first picture of the Big Love star in her role as the iconic first lady Jacqueline Kennedy on the set of the movie Killing Kennedy. Seriously? A couple of days ago a photo of Rob Lowe  as President John F Kennedy was released, in which he looks pretty good if you squint. But we probably won't be tuning ... See the Rest

I Am So Watching This Anna Nicole Smith Lifetime Movie

Video thumbnail for youtube video I Am So Watching This Anna Nicole Lifetime Movie - World of Wonder

It was attempted poorly in 2007 with the not-quite-ready-for-primetime Willa Ford playing Anna Nicole. Well, kids, we get another chance. This time it's Agnus Bruckner taking the lead role, with Adam Goldberg playing Howard K Stern, Virginia Madsen playing Virgie Arthur, Martin Landau as J Howard Marshall, and the always adorable Cary Elwes as E ... See the Rest

Half-Cast: He’s Got the Jobs


Ashton Kutcher has nailed the visual impersonation of Steve Jobs in the still-shooting biopic of the late Apple co-founder and CEO if this split image of Kutcher and Jobs is any sign. Or is that Jobs and Kutcher?  (via Twitter) ... See the Rest