#Controversy: Lady Gaga’s Former Makeup Guru, Billy B Defends His Work Against An Ex-Assistant

Famed celebrity makeup artist and Wowlebrity Billy B –considered one of the best in the biz– is in the position of defending his own work. A former assistant, Tara Savelo, has been leading people to believe that for work he did for Lady ... See the Rest

Transformation Tuesday: Billy B Helps Me to Channel My Inner Marlene Dietrich

Today we have the irrepressible Billy B back on the Transformations set, and the look we're going for is "Marlene Dietrich in her Weimar-era lesbian cabaret entertainer ... Watch Now

Damiana Garcia, Candis Cayne, and Billy B On Ring My Bell This Friday!

It’s time again for Watch Now

WOWPresents Weekly Recap

  Here's what you missed this week on WOWPresents! Monday, Alyssa's Secret: "See the Rest

Transformation Tuesday: Billy B and I Are Looking for New Talent

We don't have a new episode of Transformations today, it's more of a casting call. Legendary makeup artist to the stars Billy B and I are looking for makeup artists, drag queens, artists, and all-around freaks who ... Watch Now

InstaGlam: James St James
by Billy B

I lovelovelove this photo from my new web series "Transformations." ... Watch Now

“Transformations” Episode 1: Billy B

I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm in a rut. An emotional rut. A lifestyle rut. A LOOK rut. My makeup is boring and my outfits are predictable. I need to kickstart my creativity. I need HELP. To that end, I've decided to do a new video series where I bring in people like ... Watch Now

The JoBros Rock Out in Rio

Why, yes, that IS a new default picture of me, thank you for noticing. Makeup by the divine Billy B, you should really get out your magnifying glass and have a look. ... See the Rest