#Controversy: Lady Gaga’s Former Makeup Guru, Billy B Defends His Work Against An Ex-Assistant

Gaga in "Telephone" featuring Billy B's signature maquillage

Famed celebrity makeup artist and Wowlebrity Billy B –considered one of the best in the biz– is in the position of defending his own work. A former assistant, Tara Savelo, has been leading people to believe that for work he did for Lady Gaga was hers. E! Online posted a story crediting her with the singer’s most famous looks (below) and it says ... See the Rest

Transformation Tuesday: Billy B Helps Me to Channel My Inner Marlene Dietrich

Video thumbnail for youtube video Transformation Tuesday: Billy B Helps Me to Channel My Inner Marlene Dietrich - World of Wonder

Today we have the irrepressible Billy B back on the Transformations set, and the look we're going for is "Marlene Dietrich in her Weimar-era lesbian cabaret entertainer phase." It's a tricky look because it's so simple that it succeeds or fails with my characterization. The night before we filmed it, in fact, I tossed and turned, worried that I'd ... Watch Now

Damiana Garcia, Candis Cayne, and Billy B On Ring My Bell This Friday!


It’s time again for Ring My Bell, the call-in chat show that lets YOU talk to your favorite wowlebrities! Now’s your chance to ask all of your burning questions, or just kiki with the stars, dahling! Friday, January 10th talk to Damiana Garcia @ 2PM PST, Chit chat with Candis Cayne @ 3PM PST, and gab with Billy B @ 3PM! SET UP YOUR SKYPE ACCOUNT ... Watch Now

WOWPresents Weekly Recap

Video thumbnail for youtube video WOWPresents Weekly Recap - World of Wonder

  Here's what you missed this week on WOWPresents! Monday, Alyssa's Secret: "Shady Queens." Tuesday, James St. James' Transformations: "The Commercial" featuring Billy B. Wednesday, For The Love Of: "Quakers." Thursday, Ring My Bell: Roxxxy Andrews. Friday, The series premiere of WOW Shopping Network featuring Victoria ... See the Rest

Transformation Tuesday: Billy B and I Are Looking for New Talent

Video thumbnail for youtube video Transformation Tuesday: Billy B and I Are Looking for New Talent - World of Wonder

We don't have a new episode of Transformations today, it's more of a casting call. Legendary makeup artist to the stars Billy B and I are looking for makeup artists, drag queens, artists, and all-around freaks who are in the LA area to come in and beat my mug for an upcoming episode of "Transformations." We're looking for something unique, ... Watch Now

InstaGlam: James St James
by Billy B


I lovelovelove this photo from my new web series "Transformations." If you haven't seen it the first episode, check it out on YouTube/WOWPresents. My makeup is done by the legendary Billy B, and I've never looked lovelier. I see a little Ellen Barkin in there, a little Glenn Close as Cruella de Ville, as well as a Park Avenue Paula Deen. And be ... Watch Now

“Transformations” Episode 1: Billy B

Video thumbnail for youtube video "Transformations" Episode 1: Billy B - World of Wonder

I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm in a rut. An emotional rut. A lifestyle rut. A LOOK rut. My makeup is boring and my outfits are predictable. I need to kickstart my creativity. I need HELP. To that end, I've decided to do a new video series where I bring in people like RuPaul’s stylist Mathu Andersen and Madonna’s makeup artist Sharon ... Watch Now

The JoBros Rock Out in Rio

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 3.45.39 PM

Why, yes, that IS a new default picture of me, thank you for noticing. Makeup by the divine Billy B, you should really get out your magnifying glass and have a look. I've never been prettier. (Jonas Brothers pics via Pacific Coast News. MY pic was taken by Thairin) ... See the Rest