It’s Bitchier In Texas: Judgmental Dallas & Houston

Full disclosure: I'm from Texas. I was born in the Rio Grand Valley and grew up in Houston. My brother lives in Austin and I go back to Texas fairly regularly. Houston & Dallas are not ... See the Rest

Flashback 1986: My (Mercifully) Brief Go-Go Dancing Career

HA! Thank you, Matthew Neff for tweeting me this video, and 5ninethavenueproject for posting it. It's definitely me. Dancing on a go-go block at Rock 'N Roll Fag Bar, in a jockstrap and white Keds (go figure) and more hair than I ever remember having. Stick through it until you ... See the Rest

Hot Look of the Day: Vintage Debbie Harry

From Debbie Harry's 1983 calendar, circa The Hunter. So fab. (via See the Rest

Brooke Burke’s ’80s Hair and Coy Pose

I love when celebs share these photos on #TBT. Memory lane makes you remember they are human. In this case, Brooke Burke's hair and face make me ... See the Rest

Great Hairdids #62: The Static Shock

  ... See the Rest

Lana Parrilla Giving You Dynasty Madness on Once Upon a Time

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Samuel Larsen’s Dreaded Updo Appreciation Post

Look, I'm not a fan of dreadlocks, either. They're smelly and full of bugs and they leave grease stains all over your pillowcases. But this kid from Glee... there's something about him... he's got these cheekbones that could cut glass... and these dangerous meth-dealer eyes... ... See the Rest


From Daily Mail: "Lady ... See the Rest