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httpv:// Typically, James St James is the one on this blog writing about the eccentric styles of New York older ladies (such as Iris Apfel), but I haven't even dared show him this clip yet for fear he might have some kind of wild-eyed, frothy-mouthed fit at ... See the Rest

top this party pic, cobrasnake!

I know I've turned into an old lady when I see a picture like this and think: Why, these young hipsters today, they wouldn't know glamour if it bit them on their coonskin caps! Why IN MY DAY we knew how to party! Just look at this bunch of hep cats. THESE were the cool kids of MY ... See the Rest

all the hip young things, and kate moss, are going gray

Yesterday, we saw 13-year-old fashion phenom Tavi with her newly dyed blue-gray hair, which seemed like a startling style choice for a young girl. But of course "Biddy Chic" is all the rage these days, what with the preponderance watery gray hair featured on the runways at ... See the Rest