Straight Best Friends See Each Other Naked for the First Time

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BuzzFeed has best buddies disrobe in front of each other and then respond to each other's dangly bits. Were they bigger? Smaller? Kind of what you expected? Absolutely adorable, if vaguely traumatizing for ... Watch Now

Jennifer Hudson Is a Dream, Girl

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 10.59.41 PM Jennifer Hudson bought her assistant Walter a house for Christmas and his reaction was priceless. She's been friends with his since the sixth grade. I just fell in love with J Hud a bit more ... See the Rest

Victoria Beckham Gets On Her Knees for Eva Longoria

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Only a BFF or maybe one of her kids could make Victoria Beckham get down on her knees to work. With her very. own. hands. Tis true, ... See the Rest

Tweet Club

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New Friendship Alert!

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Taylor Lautner and Patrick Schwarzenegger – let me repeat that: TAYLOR LAUTNER AND PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER!!!!! – played a game of touch football yesterday in Calabasas. ... See the Rest

When Jim Carrey Met Stephen Hawking

jim and

... See the Rest

Andy Hearts Kelly


After those pictures were posted all over ... See the Rest

Nashville’s Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys


Get to know a little more of the Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys Nashville.   ... See the Rest