Beyonce & Jay-Z Are Eying This $85 Million Home


Beyonce and Jay-Z have been eying this $85 million dollar palace that looks like it was decorated by a Russian Oligarch.   This house has a car showroom, candy room, and hopefully an elevator for Solange. Check out the video here, house website here and even more photos here. Thanks Queen B for making me feel like a... Basic B. Photos via Curbed ... See the Rest

Beyoncé’s New Platinum Edition Album Out on Spotify


Beyoncé Platinum Edition is now available on Spotify. The album includes her new song "Ring Off," which references a personal issue she's never addressed -  her parents' divorce.   This new edition of Beyoncé's self-titled album has six additional songs, including the two new tunes "7/11" and "Ring Off" as well as four remixes. The remixes ... See the Rest

PREMIERE: “7/11″ Music Video by Beyoncé


Watch the premiere of "7/11" by Beyoncé here! The choreo, the "homemade" filming – it's almost like she's one of us. ALMOST! TO DIE FOR! This !@#$ is everything! ... See the Rest

Beyoncé’s Floating Fringe

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 1.33.17 AM

Okay. Beyoncé cut some fringe for a minute and decided to rock it last night in London town. Now, is it me, or is her fringe totally floating? It's as it it's trying to run away from her beautiful face. If anyone out there is as big of an anglophile as I am or are actually British, you will know what I mean when I say that she looks like Jill ... See the Rest

Current Twitter Obsession: Beyonce FanFic

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 3.53.02 PM

Brilliant fan fiction extolling the supernatural perfection of Queen Bey in 143 characters, after the jump. (via ChadleyMacGuff) ... See the Rest

Real Estate Porn: Will Beyoncé & Jay Z Buy This $85 Million LA Mansion?


So, apparently Beyoncé and Jay-Z are in Paris looking at real estate right now, if you care. (I'd imagine Daddy Jay took this shot Bey posted of Mom and Blue Ivy peeping the Eiffel Tower.) This summer they were renting a place in Holmby Hills –for $200,000 a month. The Carter family has also reportedly seen this over-the-top Beverly Hills mansion ... See the Rest

Flashback: Beyoncé Dances With A Gym Full of Surprised NYC Kids

Video thumbnail for youtube video - World of Wonder

This is a few years old, but I never saw it before – eight and a half million people on YouTube have, so maybe you did too. In 2011, Beyoncé surprised students at PS/MS 161 who were dancing to the Official Lets Move! Flash Workout. Say what you want about Bey, but she looks like she's still a little kid at heart (she comes in about 1:35) Watch. ... See the Rest

VMAs Red Carpet: The Best, The Worst & The Eh (+ Nicki Minaj. Sad Face)


What's black, white, blue and red all over? The VMAs red carpet arrivals. For the most part, the gals stuck to those colors and referenced past red carpets. But at this point, how can you get dressed for these things and NOT have someone drag out a picture of Madonna, Britney or Cher, where they're dressed like 'em. Amber Rose recalled Rose ... See the Rest