#RealEstatePorn: Who Knew Superman’s Jimmy Olson Lived In a Frank Lloyd Wright Masterpiece?

Jack Larson, who played Jimmy Olson on the '50s Adventures of Superman TV series, was a gay man with apparently world-class taste. Larson, who just passed in September and his late partner James Bridges (who died 25 years ago) ... See the Rest

Old Hollywood Comes Out for Oil Heiress Barbara Davis’ Birthday – UPDATED WITH MORE STARS!

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#RealE$tatePorn: The Most Expen$ive Hou$e in the U.$. Costs What!?

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#CuteCoupleAlert: Sure Looks Like Joe Jonas & Gigi Hadid Are Dating…

I usually don't report on this kind of gossip but it seems after weeks of media speculation (and some PDA moments) multiple sources told E! News that Gigi Hadid and ... See the Rest

#RealEstatePorn – Hollywood Edition: Dietrich’s Beverly Hills Manse Just Sold For $23 Million

The interiors of this perfectly-preserved 1926 Spanish Revival estate in ... See the Rest

#Wicked: Cate Blanchett Snaps At Reporter; “THAT’S Your F*cking Question!?”

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Chef Bernie Guzman Delivers Cake and Cookies To World of Wonder

Beverly Hills chef Bernie Guzman stopped by the WOW offices to give us a taste of a couple of his new recipes. Todays gems include the "World of Wonder Vanilla Bean Butter Creme Cake" and "Amazing German Chocolate Macaroons." Absolutely Dee-mutha-f-ing-lious! Super thanks ... See the Rest

#TBT: The Beverly Carlton Was Home To Marilyn Monroe

My old pal Susan Martin is an art PR legend. We've known each other for decades but now that she lives in New Mexico, we see each other rarely but ... See the Rest