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Well, OBVIOUSLY. In the week leading up to her big wedding to... some guy, I can't remember his name... all eyes were on Amal Alamuddin as she traipsed about Venice in a series of ever-more-chic ensembles. Not a misstep among them. With her big head of horse hair, that toothy smile, and a body that won't quit – she's the very embodiment of modern ... See the Rest

The WOW Report’s Annual Best Dressed List of 2013

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As you know, the criteria for the WOW Best Dressed List is a little different than that of, say, People's or Vanity Fair's. We don't fawn over Taylor Swift's award show choices or reward the Duchess of Cambridge for playing it safe. We don't care about Alexa Chung, Jenna Lyons, or Karolina Kurkova. And sure, Kerry Washington is pretty and her ... See the Rest

The Hunks of the Best Dressed List

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Vanity Fair has come out with it's annual Best Dressed list, and among the usual assemblage of models, socialites, fashion designers, and heiresses (yawn), there are a few interesting new faces (Dita Von Teese, Victoria Beckham, Boardwalk Empire's Jack Huston) and a bunch of humpy young turks that I'm dying to get to know better. Classical ... See the Rest

RuPaul Wins Entertainment Weekly‘s Best Dressed Reality TV Judge


A HUGE condragulations to Mama Ru for winning Best Dressed Reality TV Judge from Entertainment Weekly! She beat out the likes of Shakira and Heidi Klum in a landslide victory, garnering 74% of the vote! Can I get an Amen?   ... See the Rest

Vote: RuPaul for Entertainment Weekly‘s Best Dressed TV Judge

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RuPaul has made it to the final voting round! The award is for “Best Dressed Reality TV Judge” by Entertainment Weekly. Take a look at all of RuPaul's runway looks from every season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Then cast your vote EW! ... See the Rest

Vote RuPaul for Best Dressed

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RuPaul has yet again been nominated for an award! This time the award is for "Best Dressed Reality TV Judge" by Entertainment Weekly. If you have any doubts, (WHY WOULD YOU?!) than take a look at this video featuring all of Ru's looks from every season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Then head over to EW and cast your vote! ... See the Rest

Truly My Last Oscar Post: The Best Dressed of the Night

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Sure, Jennifer Lawrence killed it in her undulating Dior, and Jane Fonda was brilliant in her acid yellow gown, and Halle Berry looked the best she's ever looked – but for my money, it was Chinese actress/fashion goddess Fan Bing Bing in her shocking pink Marchesa and Salma Hayek in her Alexander McQueen (with its gasp-inducing beaded bib halter) ... See the Rest

Grammys Best Dressed


Obviously my favorite look of the night was Dr John dressed as the Ewok war chief from the forest moon of Endor. Feathers, fringe, and fur, oh my. He was magnificent. I had been switching back and forth with Downton Abbey and when I came back to the Black Keys performance I thought perhaps a homeless man had wandered off Pico and somehow made it ... See the Rest