Behind The Scenes of Bianca Del Rio’s New WOWPresents Series

Bianca Del Rio WOWPresents

Stay tuned for details of Bianca Del Rio's new WOWPresents show! But click over now to check out some exclusive behind the scenes photos that were posted on Bianca's Instagram! ... See the Rest

Chris Pratt Takes You on a Tour of the Milano


Guardians of the Galaxy star and HOTTEST MAN IN THE UNIVERSE Chris Pratt has a behind-the-scenes featurette where he shows us Peter Quill's ship, the Milano. Fun fact: It turns out The Milano was named after Quill's high school crush, Alyssa Milano, and NOT, as I thought throughout the movie, the super-awesome milk chocolate cookies. Mmmmm. ... See the Rest

Instaglam: Behind-The-Scenes At The Tonys

David Burtka and hubby, NPH, getting ready for the show in what imagine is Hedwig's dressing room

Several pals (and my spies) were at the Tonys Sunday night and here are a few snaps of them. FourTwoNine's editor Kevin Sessums, our own RuPaul and actor and Trevor Project co-founder, James Lecesne with some other famous faces. Me? I was at home, like you, watching from my bed, but social media gets us backstage and beyond now, right? ... See the Rest

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Reunited VIP Meet and Greet

Bianca Del Rio RuPaul's Drag Race Reunited Season 6

Exclusive photos from RuPaul's Drag Race: Reunited VIP meet and greet! Click over and check them out!  ... See the Rest

FACE FACE FACES In The Crowd at RuPaul’s Drag Race Reunited Season Six

Alec Mapa RuPaul's Drag Race Reunited

RuPaul's Drag Race Reunited season six brought some of the most sickening audience members all in one place! Wowlebrities, past Drag Race queens, and some drop dead gorgeous fans! Click over to see who was in the crowd. ... See the Rest

Tom Hiddleston: Behind the Scenes Making of the Pirate Fairy

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 4.44.01 PM Can he just STOP BEING SO PERFECT for one damn moment? Watch him give it his all for this rick-rack, bargain bin, straight-to-dvd cartoon. He's having a blast ... See the Rest

Behind the Scenes: Game of Thrones Season Four

Video thumbnail for youtube video Behind the Scenes: Game of Thrones Season Four - World of Wonder

A new featurette with Game of Thrones production designer Deborah Riley focussing on the behind-the-scenes building of the sets and whatnot. YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH WORK GOES INTO EVERY SCENE. Crazy. Fascinating. And just two months to go until SEASON FOUR! (via Coming Soon) ... See the Rest

“… And This You Won’t Believe… NOBODY Could Ever Believe… They Had DEVOURED HIM!!!!”


Flashback 1959: Liz Taylor films the unforgetttable final scene in Suddenly, Last Summer. Photo by Burt Glinn. Probably my favorite film of all time. Certainly the best scream in cinematic history. If you've never seen it, do yourself a favor and Netflix that shit ASAP. It truly is Camp 101. Tennessee Williams. Gore Vidal. Elizabeth Taylor. ... See the Rest