Comfort Food

Bedding with topping. Made-to-order pizza sleeping bag with veggie pillows, $300 a slice from Etsy, of ... See the Rest

Bed and Breakfast

Hogging the pillows. (t/y Louis)   ... See the Rest

Eddie Cibrian for Charisma: “Luxury Bedding to Break Your Marriage Vows On”

I'm not going to watch The Playboy Club because I despise Eddie Cibrian for cheating on his wife with Leann Rimes, but I may just buy his line of luxury bath and bedding available exclusively at See the Rest

Making out with your pillow at night while crying yourself to sleep just got a whole lot more exciting

Lady Sandra Home Fashions has just launched a Justin Bieber bed and bath collection.The collection includes the comforter and pillow with the tween star's face on it (pictured here), as well as towels, shower curtain hooks, ... See the Rest

This is relevant to my interests

Oh, See the Rest

Good Night and Good Duck

Plucked by Stephen Saban from somewhere on the world wide web bed. Turns out to be the handiwork of interiors genius Jacques Grange. Are ... See the Rest

Angelina Jolie’s Face Is Like a Poorly Made Bed, Says Doc

Angelina Jolie has been showing up in photos very recently with some strange stringy bits at the jawline under her ear. And those probing investigative journalists at See the Rest

You’re So Vein

Tights with varicose veins - yeah! Unfortunately, no longer available. Might have better luck with this See the Rest