Film Holiday: “The Auteurs” of Christmas

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What if Sergei Eisenstein, Woody Allen, Baz Luhrmann, Lars Von Trier, Steven Speilberg, Martin Scorsese, Wes Anderson and Werner Herzog filmed Christmas morning? Which is your fave? ... See the Rest

In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye DVD Extras

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Behind-the-scenes footage from 2012's Metropolitan Costume Exhibit as well as additional quotes by Anna Wintour, Baz Luhrman, Pharrell Williams, Hamish Bowles, Nicolas Ghesquirére, Tonne Goodman, Andrew Bolton, and Natalia Vodianova that were not used in the documentary. See the Rest

Eight Minutes of Extremely Raw Behind-the-Scenes Footage from The Great Gatsby

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A compilation of b-roll from next week's INSTANT CLASSIC, OMG. Baz and Leo and Toby and Carey and A CAST OF THOUSANDS stand around and discuss upcoming scenes while workers adjust the lights and make minor adjustments here and there, and even with the audio going in and out, it's ... See the Rest

First-Look Gifs from Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby


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The Great Gatsby

There's no way, NO WAY this movie can be bad. It can't. It just can't. I won't be able to take it if it's anything less than breathtaking and orgasmic. I want this movie to be MY ENTIRE LIFE. And it's almost here! The billboards and ads have started popping up and this newly ... See the Rest

Gatsby Gets Postponed


Warner Bros shocked Hollywood today by moving the release date of Baz Lurhmann's 3D spectacle The Great Gatsby from Christmas day to an unspecified date in mid-summer, prompting ... See the Rest



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The Great Gatsby

Screen shot 2012-05-22 at 9.11.18 PM I know some folks were hating on the idea of there being a new adaptation of the Fitzgerald classic. But I say they need hate no more because this trailer is really the cat's pajamas. Yes, I just said that. ... See the Rest