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Hot Look of the Day

See the supercool look this guy is sporting after the jump.  ... See the Rest


Ephemera: Banana Tattooing

Via Oddity Central: "Meet End Cape, a young Japanese artist who specializes in bruising bananas. Using a sharp tool like a simple needle or a ... See the Rest


Art with A-Peel

Super fab banana carvings by Japanese artist Keisuke Yamada, an electrician by trade and banana sculptor in his spare time. Via GeysersOfAwesome: ... See the Rest

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WOW EXCLUSIVE: Luis D Ortiz Eats a Banana for the First Time!

The MDLNY real estate agent with the soaring quiff and the adorable accent has NEVER eaten a banana before. True story.  "You know how many ... See the Rest


Finn Harries: Twin(k) Toys with a Banana

(via poisonparadise) ... See the Rest


Art with a Peel

An artist named Honey of Sweet Station uses a safety pin to carefully prick tattoos of pop culture icons into the skin of bananas. “I spend half an ... See the Rest


Extra! Extra! Cute Boy Likes Bananas!

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Banana Jenga

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