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Jessica Simpson’s Son Ace Is the Cutest

Again, could you stand it? Jessica Simpson's son Ace has the sweetest cherub face and she loves to share the pics with us and as a mom, I eat them all ... See the Rest

EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, who OK Magazine report are expecting a child together, are seen out for a stroll in 2012

Eva Mendes Is Knocked Up, Y’all

I had no clue that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling were even still together, let alone expecting their first child! Yup, it seems we haven't seen Eva much ... See the Rest

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Alyssa Milano Is a Cute Mom

How sweet is this pic? I must be feeling nostalgic because first I did a Facts of Life post and here comes a Who's the Boss moment. Samantha Micelli ... See the Rest

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Blue Ivy Has a Playmate; Kelly Rowland Is Preggers

Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland has announced she is expecting her first child via Instagram, natch. She put up this pic with the caption, "I'll ... See the Rest

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Lil Kim Is a Mom

Yup. The original Queen Bee, that is before Queen Bey, has made a life. Lil Kim birthed a baby girl which she in turn, named Royal Reign. Her ... See the Rest

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Stacy Kiebler’s Bumpy Baby

Loved seeing all of the social media mommy tributes yesterday, warmed my black heart honestly. There is nothing more precious and special than your ... See the Rest

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Drew Barrymore Has a Frankie

The adorable and gorgeous Drew Barrymore has given birth yesterday to another daughter and this one is named Frankie. Big sister Olive, Mommy and ... See the Rest

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Selena Gomez and Her Baby Sister Gracie

                    Having a sister that is 20 years younger than you ... See the Rest