Two Things

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Legendary Vogue editrix Babs Simpson, who famously wore a live bird on her head, and model Timothée Bertoni in L’Officiel Hommes Singapore ... See the Rest

Special Birthday Shout-Out to Vogue Legend Babs Simpson

Video thumbnail for youtube video Special Birthday Shout-Out to <i>Vogue</i> Legend Babs Simpson - World of Wonder

She's 100 years old today, God bless her, and still as feisty and fabulous as ever. Check out this never-before-seen interview from the DVD extras of In Vogue: The Editor's Eye (available June 4). The bit about always wearing a live bird on her head is BEYOND brilliant. Everybody ... See the Rest

Best. Song. Ever

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Omg, the end credits for In Vogue: The Editor's Eye... So brilliant! So fabulous! YOU. ARE. GOING. DIE. The nuttiest soundbytes from Grace, Babs, et al remixed into a funky dance track by Lucian Piane and the Pop Tarts, I think it's BEST SONG OF 2012! MAYBE THE BEST SONG OF THE ... See the Rest

Quote Unquote


"Ugly. Is it a boy or a girl?" – legendary Vogue editor (1947-1972) Babs Simpson's reaction to seeing the recent Lady Gaga cover. (via Wall Street Journal) ... See the Rest