Two Things

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Legendary Vogue editrix Babs Simpson, who famously wore a live bird on her head, and model Timothée Bertoni in L’Officiel Hommes Singapore ... See the Rest

Special Birthday Shout-Out to Vogue Legend Babs Simpson

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She's 100 years old today, God bless her, and still as feisty and fabulous as ever. Check out this never-before-seen interview from the DVD extras of In Vogue: The Editor's Eye (available June 4). The bit about always wearing a live bird on her head is BEYOND brilliant. Everybody at WOW is just mad for her and hopes she has the best birthday EVER. ... See the Rest

Best. Song. Ever

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Omg, the end credits for In Vogue: The Editor's Eye... So brilliant! So fabulous! YOU. ARE. GOING. DIE. The nuttiest soundbytes from Grace, Babs, et al remixed into a funky dance track by Lucian Piane and the Pop Tarts, I think it's BEST SONG OF 2012! MAYBE THE BEST SONG OF THE DECADE! I see fashionistas and scene queens dancing to this at all the ... See the Rest

Quote Unquote


"Ugly. Is it a boy or a girl?" – legendary Vogue editor (1947-1972) Babs Simpson's reaction to seeing the recent Lady Gaga cover. (via Wall Street Journal) ... See the Rest