Your Daily Awwww


"From the Telegraph's Pictures of the Day: Photographer Betsy Seeton took this picture of golden-mantled ground squirrel having an intimate moment with a teddy bear in Colorado." (via Shakesville via Towleroad) ... See the Rest

A Soldier and his Nut-Munching Buddy


From BuzzFeed: "Belarussian soldiers found this baby squirrel close to death and brought it to their warrant officer, Pyotr Pankratau. He nursed the squirrel to health, feeding it every four hours. Now, two years later, Pankratau is a cab driver and the squirrel, Minsk, is never ... See the Rest

Ricky Martin in Spanish Vanity Fair


Posing with his adorable kiddies, Matteo and Valentino, on the cover, and gorgeous partner Carlos inside the mag. (via Wotugot) ... See the Rest

Your afternoon ‘awwww': Boy meets lobster

Omg, I totally want a little kid just like this one! Where can I find one? And then what do I do with him when I'm done Youtubing him? (via The Daily What) ... See the Rest

Today in Kitty News

Video thumbnail for youtube video Today in Kitty News - World of Wonder

I swear to God, I am not a "cat person." And I REFUSE to let this blog become dominated with pics and videos of little kitties acting cute and kitten-like. Except for this one. Just this one, and then I'm done. Promise. ... See the Rest