The Wraith of Rolls (and a Jealous Old Volvo)


Do you care about a $600,000 car? Well, me either, in theory. Today, coming home from a morning by the pool at SoHo House (THAT I care about), I was walking through my neighborhood, the Meatpacking District, and encountered a DJ, lots of lookey-loos, and one very expensive car. ... See the Rest

Baby You Can Drive My Art: Ichwan Noor and the Beetles


According to Hong Kong art site Juxtapose, the obscure Indonesian artist Ichwan Noor created this huge art ball by "transforming, fusing and morphing" a vintage 1953 VW Beetle into a big yellow globe. It was installed at the recent Art Basel show in Hong Kong. Japan Times says ... See the Rest

Sharon Needles: That’s Hearse Story


The glamorous Sharon Needles, recently crowned winning queen of RuPaul's Drag Race season 4, used some of her $100,000 prize money to buy her very first set of wheels – a shiny vintage hearse. “Buying my first car today,” she tweeted last weekend. “Hope nothing goes wrong… I’m so ... See the Rest

Jungle Buggy


... See the Rest