Watch My Conversation with Blogger/Author Kenneth Walsh

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Well, you absolutely HAVE to watch my interview with Kenneth in the 212 blogger Kenneth Walsh about his new summer blockbuster Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? It's a memoir about growing up gay in the '70s and '80s with his hilariously dysfunctional family, and I think after watching ... Watch Now

19-Year-Old Author Alex Kazemi Talks ’90s Nostalgia with Oyster Magazine

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Author and it-boy Alex Kazemi (born: 1994) (I literally have underwear and lipsticks from 1994) talks to Oyster magazine about his penis, his new book Yours Truly, Brad Sela, and that aching nostalgia kids today feel for the '90s. WHEN THEY WERE IN UTERO. I mean REALLY. *throws ... See the Rest

Family Portrait: Oliver Dickens and his Great-Great-Great-Grampa

Nine-year-old Oliver Dickens the great great great grandson of Charles Dickens poses next to the UK's first statue of Charles Dickens unveiled in Portsmouth

This little nugget, omg. Nine-year-old Oliver Dickens, the great-great-great-grandson of Charles Dickens, poses next to England's first statue of Charles Dickens (!!!) unveiled in Portsmouth. He actually looks a bit like a Dickensian street urchin, doesn't he? OMG, and he's named ... See the Rest

Bitch Please! Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer Biting the Hand That Feeds Her

Stephenie Meyer signs copies of 'The Host' in London

With the gazillion dollars this woman has made off us, she's letting us all know that she is and thanks for the money. When Variety asked her about Twilight, her response was,"I get further away every day. I am so over it. For me, it’s not a happy place to be." I never ... See the Rest

You Know You’re Curious: Nude Selfies of George Bernard Shaw


New(ish)ly restored pics of the Socialist playwright and author at Amateur Photographer. ... See the Rest

Vintage Shirtlessness: Mark Twain’s Growler Pic


Fascinating. From Open Culture: "This 1883 portrait of Mark Twain will perhaps give you pause. To be sure, Twain cared deeply about his public image. The writer carefully crafted his public identity, giving more than 300 interviews to journalists where he reinforced the traits he ... See the Rest

Miss Personality “Wrote” a Book

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Okay TOWIE fans (of which I am a massive one), of all the ladies on the show, who's book would be the last one you'd ever want to read? Agreed! Lauren Goodger. Watch this clip as she talks about her upcoming read. Doesn't she just ooze charm and pizazz? ... See the Rest


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Wee white-wearing hack Tom Wolfe (the I Am Charlotte Simmons author, not the WOW executive vice president of production and chief administrative officer) attends the 2012 Trophée Des Arts Gala at the Plaza in New York City. ... See the Rest