Video thumbnail for youtube video Fly Them: The Lion King Cast Burst Into Song - World of Wonder

Fly Them!: The Lion King Cast Bursts Into Song

Talk about in-flight entertainment… as passengers got settled in for Virgin Australia's flight 970 from Brisbane to Sydney last week, they were ... See the Rest


Flight 370: “New And Credible Information”

Breaking: Australian satellites have located two large objects that appear to be parts of an airplane floating in the southern Indian Ocean. "New and ... See the Rest

The Rover Trailer

Visionary director David Michôd's new movie, set in a war-torn future, follows a man who trudges across the Australian desert to locate his stolen car ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video First Look: Summer Heights High Spinoff, Jonah teaser - World of Wonder

First Look: Summer Heights High Spinoff, Jonah Teaser

Chris Lilley is a busy man! ABC Television in Australia has released a 'pucking' new teaser for a new "Summer Heights High" spinoff... starring ... See the Rest


Ja’mie: Private School Girl Gif Shop

  Did you watch last night? Sundays are Ja'mie-zing!!! ... See the Rest


The Ja’mie: Private School Girl Gif Shop

She's back! Our favorite private school girl made her quiche american debut on HBO last night... AND IT WAS AMAZING! Get ready for much more Ja'mie to ... See the Rest

Joey Essex attends European Premiere of 'We're The Millers' in London

Joey Essex Is My TV Hero of the Moment

I swear to you, this boy is just making me love him more and more as he conquers every damn challenge that the public puts him up to! Every day so far ... See the Rest

Dame Edna Everage (Barry Humphries) photo call for 'Eat Pray Laugh' Farewell tour at The Palladium in London

Dame Edna Looking Faboosh In London

Australian legend Dame Edna aka Barry Humphries is staging his farewell tour at the Palladium London called "Eat, Pray, Laugh" and looking fabulous, I ... See the Rest