Well, HELLOOOOOOOO Freddie Highmore!

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Freddie Highmore, the young kid from Charlie & the Chocolate family, has pulled a "See the Rest

#Attitude: Harry Potter’s Neville Longbottom Grows Up!


Earlier this year, the Internet went a little nuts (as it does) when they ... See the Rest

Sherlock Star Andrew Scott Looooooooooves His Drag Race

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Andrew Scott  – who plays consulting criminal James Moriarty in the BBC One megahit Sherlock – tells Attitude magazine how he loves to ... See the Rest

Shirtless Robbie Rogers Covers Attitude

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Handsomest sports star EVER Robbie Rogers is on the cover of Attitude magazine talking about his road to self-acceptance. See the nips after the jump. ... See the Rest

Poke Me Face

Sometimes when people cum they look unattractive. You can do cute twitches or make a crinkled monster face. That being said, I don't think worrying about it is important. A British artist has taken photos of the See the Rest