#BornThisDay: Rugby Player & LGBT Advocate, Ben Cohen

ben  cohen

September 14, 1978- I am not personally acquainted with Ben Cohen, but I think I should be. Cohen is the straight father of 7 year old twin girls. He is also a fearsome ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Figure Skater, John Curry


September 9, 1949- On a winter evening in 1976, millions of people watched John Curry skate to Olympic glory. Overnight he became one of the most famous men on our pretty planet & ... See the Rest

Birdwatching with the New England Patriots’ Malcolm Butler

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Malcolm Butler, yes, he of the decisive goal-line interception (I don't know what I'm typing), posed for a Patriots twitpic backstage in a glorious pair of see-through white panty-hose. Yum. Nothing like a bit ... See the Rest

The First Ever Tsunami Flip in Mountain Bike Competition

Video thumbnail for youtube video The First Ever Tsunami Flip in Mountain Bike Competition - World of Wonder

What's going on here, you ask? Why would James care about some mountain bike contest? Isn't that a tad... hetero for the WOW Report? Well yes and no. Far be it to me to pooh pooh a sport that's nothing but nothing but yummy hot bad boys. And watching them twist through the air ... Watch Now

Celebrity Roundup

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We run the celebrity gamut today: From Mel Brooks to Lady Gaga and back again. Whoooeee. The THINGS YOU WILL see! GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Check out all your Hollywood favorites in today's Celebrity Roundup, after the jump. ... See the Rest

Check Out US World Cup Superstar Tim Howard Shirtless on the Cover of Adweek!

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Sporting an impressively tattooed torso, Tim Howard opens up to Adweek about his meteoric rise to fame and the opportunities it brings with it.  ... See the Rest

The Only Gifs You Need to See from the World Cup

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Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri of the Swiss national team spend some quality bro time together on the sidelines, laughing and hugging and... oh my!... gently touching each other's inner thighs! ... See the Rest

Cristiano Ronaldo NUDE on the Cover of Spanish Vogue!

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Real Madrid soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo graces the cover of the latest edition of Spanish Vogue TOTALLY NAKED alongside his supermodel girlfriend Irina Shayk. The pair posed for legendary lensman Mario Testino in a series of skimpy outfits ending with Cristiano COMPLETELY NUDE! ... See the Rest