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Mel B Twerking

Mel B is a lady DJ on a breakfast show down under (with Sophie Monk and two men) and she took a twerking class for the sake of the show, natch. This ... See the Rest

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Amanda Bynes Resurfaces On Twitter

                  Amanda Bynes has been laying low on social media (as well ... See the Rest


Anything Miley Can Do, Kesha Can Not Do Better

Ke$ha is seeking the same worldwide attention that is propelling Miley's career at the moment, however, I am not quite sure she is getting the ... See the Rest


Kylie’s Still Got It

We all love our Kylie and she's knows what she's packin' in the booty arena. Kylie put this shot on Instagram and all I can say is damn girl, 45 and ... See the Rest


Nicki Minaj Will Not Be Outdone By Miley Cyrus

Nicki Minaj is clearly not happy with Miley Cyrus getting all the attention with this twerking craze so, not to be outdone, Nicki IG'd this classy ... See the Rest


Sofia Vergara Pops the Bootay

Making every straight man's heart skip a beat (well, the ones who follow her on twitter, which I am pretty sure not many straight men do) by baring ... See the Rest

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Madison Hildebrand Makes an Ass of Himself

Luckily, it's a nice ass. ... See the Rest

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Major Lazer’s Booty-Poppin’ “Bubble Butt”

Behold Buttzilla as she pumps some drab sea punks full of ass-clapaliciousness in Major Lazer's latest music video "Bubble Butt," featuring Bruno ... See the Rest