Daniel and Patrick

Celebrities at Large

Let's ID these guys starting at top left: 007 Daniel Craig gets juiced walking around New York City; handsome Patrick Wilson (remember how dreamy he ... See the Rest

Before They Were Famous, They Were Abercrombie Models

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kutcher and bomer

Celebrities at Large

Celebrities caught on the loose, from top left: Ashton Kutcher getting in his ride after eating sushi at Izakaya Sushi in Los Angeles with an ... See the Rest


The Hunt Is On: Ashton Kutcher Backs Fashion Tech Start-Up

Yes! Yes! FINALLY. The Hunt is a fashion start-up that was created to help consumers find clothing, jewelry, and other items seen in images shared on ... See the Rest


Half-Cast: He’s Got the Jobs

Ashton Kutcher has nailed the visual impersonation of Steve Jobs in the still-shooting biopic of the late Apple co-founder and CEO if this split image ... See the Rest

Mila Kunis attending the Los Angeles premiere of 'Ted' held at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles

The Tryst Is Permanent. For Now

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Ashton Kutcher on the set of Jobs

First Look at Jobs

Photos from the first day of shooting the Steve Jobs movie, Jobs, on location at the tech star's childhood home. Ashton Kutcher is the title ... See the Rest


Not to Be THAT GUY, But…

Yes, yes, Ashton Kutcher in brownface imitating an Indian man is COMPLETELY offensive and everybody was right to register their outrage and disgust ... See the Rest