Because ART: Taser Photoshoots

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Wheeee! What fun! (*rolls eyes*) Photographer Patrick Hall films people's reactions as they get tased with a handheld stun gun. The results run the gamut of screams of terror to screams of orgasmic delight (PEOPLE ARE WEIRD). Check out the video and the pics after the jump.  ... Watch Now

7 Perfectly Useless Products

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If you make a useful product, customers will buy it. That's how marketing works. That's not how Katerina Kamprani rolls, though. The Athens-based architect and 3d modeller has created a series of everyday objects called “The Uncomfortable” where the opposite is true. Instead of searching for the optimal solution to a problem, Kamprani has done the ... See the Rest

OMOTE: Electronic Makeup for the Future!

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“OMOTE” is an art installation of "living makeup" by producer Nobumichi Asai featuring "real-time face tracking and projection mapping." Essentially, it's a digital makeover that projects various "looks" onto a model's face and contorts almost seamlessly as she moves her head. ... Watch Now

Hot Look of the Day: Chicken Skin Gimp Suits!

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Fabulous serial killer chic from artists Victor Ivanov and Lewis G, who have created a onesie made of raw chicken flesh! Quick: Somebody tell Cara Delevingne! The two have parading around the streets of London, showing off their fashion flair in a street-art experiment that's "making a statement about our vanity-driven culture." Mmmkay. In an ... See the Rest

TONIGHT! The Josef Jasso/Richard Ankrom Exhibit at the Antebellum Gallery, Los Angeles

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A really fun show tonight at the Antebellum Gallery in Hollywood (Las Palmas and Hollywood Blvd). From 7-9 there's an opening party where photographer Josef Jasso will be showing all his most fabulous images as well as some new fetish pieces and nudes in large format Xeroxs that'll be sold for $100 a piece. (That Amanda Lepore is just amazeballs.) ... See the Rest

YoYo Champion Gentry Stein Will Leave You Slack-Jawed

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Yummy yoyo god Gentry Stein wins the world championship at the C3yoyodesign Present WYYC2014 1A Champion compition, with his absolutely mental routine to Pegboard Nerds and Tristam's glitch-hop classic "Razor Sharp." This kid must KILL at Electric Daisy. And even if you think you don't care about yoyoing, you really have to see him in action to ... See the Rest

Must-See: James Ostrer’s Super-Creepy Food Freaks!!!

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Gobsmackingly gorgeous monster makeovers from London-based artist James Ostrer using junk food, you simply have to see it to believe it. Says Dangerous Minds: Models are adorned in hamburgers, cheese puffs, whipped cream and all manner of processed goodies, creating a sort of anthropological fashion spread of the crap we consume. There are ... See the Rest

Robot Piano Player Makes Music Based on the Shapes of Clouds


Mechanical art. Andy would be so proud. "Cloud Piano" is an installation at artist David Bowen's  upcoming solo exhibition at L’assaut de la Menuiserie in Saint-Etienne, France, where a robotic sculpture translates the sky’s cloud cover into a musical piece. ... See the Rest