Exterface’s “Urban Myths” Calendar Will Cause You To Immediately Start Sweating


First things first: Grab a towel, bros. The first calendar by the talented Paris-based photography duo Exterface contains 50 images of 12 SUPER HOT guys (or as described by the boys, "American demigods") brilliantly imagined as ... See the Rest

#GraffitiWar: A Witty Year-Long Street Art Battle Had London Authorities Seeing Red


A graffiti artist tagged the same London wall over one year in a bizarre and hilarious battle with authorities. He started last summer on July 17th, 2014 and finished nearly a year later. The street ... See the Rest

Photos from the Angelyne Art Show at MODA


Dangerous Minds attended last week's big art exhibit at the See the Rest

#RealEstatePorn: Barn-Like Perfection (With Good Art) on Martha’s Vineyard


Not that it matters when you have loads of money, but Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo ... See the Rest

#LetsFaceIt: Now You Can Paint with Donald’s Face


Trump has even invaded the art world. Well, it's not exactly See the Rest

#NYFW: Richard Haines Takes Style Off the Street & Runway & Into the Gallery


Everyone in fashion knows Richard Haines and the art world is getting another good look at him tonight. New York ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Composer, John Cage

John Milton CAGE  (1912-1992) Amerikaanse avant-garde componist tijdens een masterclass bij het Conservatorium in den Haag. foto VINCENT MENTZEL==Nederland. Den Haag, 21 november 1988

September 5, 1912- John Cage: “I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones.” John Milton Cage was a most important American experimental music composer, writer, performance & visual artist. His most famous & ... See the Rest

#KidsRuinEverything: 12 Year-Old Punches a Hole in a $1.5 Million Masterpiece!


This past Sunday, at Taipei's Huashan 1914 Creative Park a 12 year-old boy tripped ... See the Rest