Trans-Formations: Wynne Neilly’s Female To Male

A new art exhibit is slated to open in Toronto this month that chronicles one artist's transition across the gender spectrum. "Wynne Neilly: Female to ... See the Rest

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The Sad Story Behind These SUPER-CREEPY Cherry Blossom Murals Will Have You Tearing Up

How's that for a clickbait title? Are you intrigued? Well you WILL be once you realize that these seemingly sweet cherry blossom murals are ACTUALLY ... See the Rest

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The Most Fabulous GIFS You’ll See All Day!

Artist Cari Vander Yacht scans vintage photos from thrift stores and converts them into super-fun GIFS. Check them out after the jump. “At a ... See the Rest

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Lying In Your Own Filth: Now It’s ART

Hrmph. I do this every night and nobody's lining up to take MY PHOTOGRAPH. California artist Gregg Segal photographs people lying in their weekly load ... See the Rest


The Flamboyant Life & Forbidden Art of George Quaintance

George Quaintance was not and is NSFW. An artist ahead of his time, he was a man who forged several successful careers, yet he never enjoyed what we ... See the Rest


At The Beach: Calvin Seibert’s Summer Sand Castles

Growing up in Colorado, Calvin Seibert spent a lot of time at construction sites. Back then, he was thousands of miles away from an ocean, but that ... See the Rest


Kunsts!: Janitors Trash Student Artwork at The Kunstakademie Düsseldorf

The Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, an art school in Germany has some harsh crits. A janitor (or janitors) trashed over 60 students artwork. There's been a ... See the Rest

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Art Break: Colorful Floating Blobs by FLOTO+WARNER

Your moment of zen. Gorgeous globs of liquid suspended in mid-air and captured by the camera's lens. From FLOTO+WARNER: "Colourant is a series of ... See the Rest