When David Met David

David Keeps, host of World of Wonder's Ovation series Art & The City, writes: Famous for his roles on NYPD Blue and CSI: Miami, David Caruso is also a fan of a certain World of ... See the Rest


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Art & the City: Los Angeles

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Art & the City & a Nice Cuppa Tea

Tonight, your Art & the City host David Keeps takes you on a unique art crawl through London, and helps keep, so to speak, England both jolly and old. Thrill with him on stops at the V & A Museum; the S & M Cafe; the Tate Modern; The Haunch of Venison Gallery in Soho; ... See the Rest

Art & the City

David Keeps, host of the WOW series Art & the City, takes the crew to New Orleans this week and makes the French Quarter seem like a Dollar. He does the legwork so you don't have to, though you'll want to when he's done with you. He ... See the Rest

Art & the City: Ode to Obelisco

Have your musical friends leave the room before clicking on the clip. Tonight on the third episode of WOW's Ovation TV original series Art & the City, host David Keeps pokes around the masterpieces in New York City, arguably the ... See the Rest

Art & the Party

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Keeps to Himself

We've already said a lot on the Report about the traveling art show that is David Keeps and his Art & the City series for Ovation TV, and we think it's time Keeps himself said a few words (and he's not a man of a few words) about the show, so we've cribbed a graphful of quote ... See the Rest