#ArtTour: My Coast-To-Coast Back-To-Back Exhibits


Seems like ages ago when I left NYC for Florida, but it was just December 2 when there was a press preview at the Cornell Museum in Delray Beach for Language Art, a show I'm featured in along with artists Mary Coyle, Michael Dinges, Reed Dixon, William Halliday, Kathy Halper, Robert Indiana, Meryl Pataky, Johnny Romeo, Matthew Rose and Annie ... See the Rest

Hot Look of the Day: Miley Cyrus Storms Art Basel

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.15.29 AM

Miley was footloose and stylist-free in Miami last night, sporting a silver tinsel wig, silver pasties, and short-shorts over glitter tights. And if you're looking to me to be the fashion police, you've come to the wrong blog. I LOVE IT. Yes, it's a total trainwreck of a look, but REALLY. How many celebrities actually dress themselves these days? ... See the Rest

Smack-a-Hilton: First-Person Account of Barron’s “Attack”


You may have heard that Barron Hilton was punched in the face over the weekend in Miami – conflicting reports are circulating like Twitter-fire. Barron posted a picture of his injuries to Instagram and claimed that he was attacked because of Lindsay Lohan. Paris is now in big sister mode and has threatened Lohan online. TMZ reported that Barron was ... See the Rest

Jay-Z: *?%#! Art Lover


Excerpts from Jay-Z's "Picasso Baby" off his new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail; I just want a Picasso, in my casa No, my castle I’m a hassa, no I’m an asshole I’m never satisfied, can’t knock my hustle I wanna Rothko, no I wanna brothel … Oh what a feeling – fuck it I want a billion Jeff Koons balloons, I just wanna blow up Condos in ... See the Rest

Baby You Can Drive My Art: Ichwan Noor and the Beetles


According to Hong Kong art site Juxtapose, the obscure Indonesian artist Ichwan Noor created this huge art ball by "transforming, fusing and morphing" a vintage 1953 VW Beetle into a big yellow globe. It was installed at the recent Art Basel show in Hong Kong. Japan Times says the artist has done this sort of thing to five other Volkswagen Beetles. ... See the Rest

Keeping Up with Trecartin


Ryan Trecartin and Amanda Lepore just met at Art Basel Miami. Maybe we will see her cast in one of his upcoming films. Please. ... See the Rest

Kim Kash Kontest


... See the Rest


Phil Tarley, our man in Miami, writes:  It’s big. It’s bold. There is no way to see it all. Year nine of Art Basel Miami Beach broke attendance records with 46,000 artophiles clamoring over 250 galleries from every corner of the earth. And that was just the main show on the Miami Beach Convention floor. The dominance of Pop and the emergence ... See the Rest