#RUSorry?: Marina Abramovic (Sort of) Apologizes To Jay Z


Yesterday, I posted that performance artist Marina Abramovic had said in a Spike magazine interview stating she felt “totally used” and characterized the piece as “a one-way transaction", going off on Jay Z after working on his Picasso Baby video. Well, now that it turns out ... See the Rest

#RipOffArtist?: Performance Artist Marina Abramovic on Jay Z, “He Just Completely Used Me”

Jay Z and Marina Abramovic during the 2013 shoot for "Picasso Baby."

In an interview with Spike Art Quarterly, Marina Abramović just accused Jay Z of breaking a deal with her. The rapper recorded a video for his song Picasso Baby at Pace Gallery in the summer 2013 and supposedly riffed on Abramović's performance The Artist is Present, from her ... See the Rest

#Rawhide: A Sexy, Surprising Exhibit Celebrating the Cowboy In Art


Writer Philipp Meyer says in his novel The Son; "The cowboy has been written about as if it were the pinnacle of freedom... In fact, it was a sleepless drudgery almost beyond imagination." The new Whitney just opened with a show, America Is Hard To See, and to me, this ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Artist, Don Bachardy

Christopher Isherwood (left) and Don Bachardy (right) in the late `70s. CHRIS & DON. A LOVE STORY, a film by Guido Santi & Tina Mascara. A Zeitgeist Films release.

May 18th, 1934- 3 films come to mind today as I consider Don Bachardy on his birthday: Cabaret (1972), A Single Man (2009) & the unexpectedly uncommon documentary- Chris & Don: A Love Story (2007). Christopher Isherwood has been one of my favorite writers since high ... See the Rest

#DrawingRoom: Artist Mel Odom’s Vintage Sexy Guys Are Still Hot


Mel Oldom's style defined the 70s and 80s and vice versa. You might know it from his vintage posters, book covers, a line of Paper Moon cards, and First Eyes, his first book. Odom's work has appeared in a variety of magazines over the years, like Time, the now-defunct Omni, ... See the Rest

#NADA Art Fair: A Beautiful New York Day, Basketball Courts, Lots of Talking & Color Galore


The NADA art fair (New Art Dealers Alliance) has a different vibe than the Frieze fair up the river on Randall's Island. More emerging artists and reflective of the nearby Lower East & Brooklyn galleries across the river. I went over to "Basketball City", literally a huge ... See the Rest

#Art&Commerce: Alex Katz On His New Barney’s Collaboration, “Art Moves Just Like Fashion”


Alex Katz is 87 and still going strong. He's just collaborated with Art Production Fund and Barneys New York to create their Madison Avenue windows. The mural spans all four windows, and at 8′ x 60′, is one of the largest works of his long career. It features portraits of 18 ... See the Rest

#OnlyInNewYork: A One-Night-Only Chance To Get Inside the City’s Most Secretive Building


The building has been a private residence of photographer Jay Maisel for the past 5 decades. The 72-room, 35,000-square-foot, that Maisel bought for $102,000 and sold last year for a reported $55 million to developer Aby Rosen has been cleaned of decades of graffiti, ready for ... See the Rest