#LGBT: A Christie’s Auction Is Hard Evidence of Andy Warhol’s Not-So-Secret Gay Life

Photographer Christopher Makos, Andy's friend and traveling companion posted this pic on Facebook recently, disagreeing with Christie's caption; "Uh!, more like Andy asked me to do something in a bathtub in some hotel in Europe on one of our Portrait Commission trips"

Yesterday, James St. James did a post about Taylor Swift's battle with Apple not noticing that I had ALSO done a similar post just a few hours earlier. No biggie. I told him I'd "kill him in his sleep". (...not a threat, just an expression – I'm on the other side of the ... See the Rest

#LGBT: MoMA Just Acquired THE Original Rainbow Flag –Made By a Drag Queen!


The Rainbow Flag that artist Gilbert Baker created in San Francisco has just been acquired by The Museum of Modern Art for its design collection. Do you know its history? I didn't. It has since become an iconic symbol of the LGBT Pride movement, and is SO closely associated with ... See the Rest

#Nontroversy: Anish Kapoor’s Sculpture of a “Queen’s Vagina” at Versailles Wakes Up The Media


It seems the media rarely pays attention to art until it reaches the extreme... astronomical auction prices, unconventional materials or something deemed "offensive." I'm an artist myself and am guilty of writing about work for those very reasons. So of course, Anish Kapoor has ... See the Rest

#OnlyOne: How Many Museums Have a 10-Storey Slide, a Ferris Wheel & Two Abandoned Airplanes?


The City Museum in St. Louis is a 600,000 square-foot, 10-story building that was once the home of the International Shoe Company. It's the brainchild of artist and sculptor Bob Cassilly who opened the space almost 20 years ago. Cassilly passed away in 2011, but the museum is ... See the Rest

It’s the Disney Princes of Your Gayest Dreams

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 3.13.50 PM

It's all your favorite Disney princess – Eric! Philip! Aladdin! Charming! – reimagined as queer by the artist YANN-X. Huffington Post editor James Michael Nichols sat down with him to discuss the origin of these images and see what he's trying to accomplish with them. The ... See the Rest

#PictureThis: I Get My 15 Minutes of New York Photo Fame (With A Flattop, Shirtless & In Drag)


Everybody has pictures of their friends doing fun things and if you hold onto them long enough, they might just be seen as something other people are interested in. Today billions of pictures a week are shot and plastered all over the internet (what will happen to all of these ... See the Rest

#RUSorry?: Marina Abramovic (Sort of) Apologizes To Jay Z


Yesterday, I posted that performance artist Marina Abramovic had said in a Spike magazine interview stating she felt “totally used” and characterized the piece as “a one-way transaction", going off on Jay Z after working on his Picasso Baby video. Well, now that it turns out ... See the Rest

#RipOffArtist?: Performance Artist Marina Abramovic on Jay Z, “He Just Completely Used Me”

Jay Z and Marina Abramovic during the 2013 shoot for "Picasso Baby."

In an interview with Spike Art Quarterly, Marina Abramović just accused Jay Z of breaking a deal with her. The rapper recorded a video for his song Picasso Baby at Pace Gallery in the summer 2013 and supposedly riffed on Abramović's performance The Artist is Present, from her ... See the Rest