#OhLord: These Jesus Paintings Are Unintentionally Hilarious

Jesus with Adam & Eve? (see, not Adam & Steve!) or is it Jon Hamm & Anne Hathaway? 
Anyway, that Garden of Eden hair care really works great!

Artist and Jesus-enthusiast, Nathan Greene has put Jesus in someone awkward positions, if you ask me. The artist has taken some liberties with where people want to have Jesus show up. I know, they are meant to be reassuring with the underlying message that "Jesus is IN your daily life" but the effect in these works of art are more funny, and a ... See the Rest

#TakeItToTheBanksy: Will “Street Art Throwdown” Make Graffiti Mainstream?


Well, Work of Art: The Next Great Artist and Gallery Girls weren't exactly mainstream hits but people are interested in becoming famous, and art is just another way of getting there. Enter Oxygen's new reality competition Street Art Throwdown, starting February 3. It will follow these 10 aspiring street artists as they compete for the $100,000 ... See the Rest

#LArt: These Artists Are Collected By Some Big Hollywood Stars

Artist Ed Ruscha and Owen Wilson. Photo, Spencer Lowell for The Hollywood Reporter

Some would argue that LA is now the center of the art world. (Actually, I heard this in a meeting at WOW just last month...) Regardless of the truth of that statement, there are MANY celebs, like Steve Martin and Jack Nicholson, that have been collecting for a long time. And are MANY more LA collectors than listed here, but the works below are all ... See the Rest

#LookInside: Matthew Cox’s Ghostly Embroidered X-Ray Art


In art, "memento more" are symbolic reminders of mortality and in the Christian art context, which emphasizes Heaven, Hell, and salvation of the soul in the afterlife, often a death morbid tribute. Every artist needs materials and technique and Philadelphia-based artist Matthew Cox combines two techniques that you might find it hard to associate, ... See the Rest

#Copy/Paste: Jeff Koon’s Sued (Again) Over A “Banal” Sculpture


Jeff Koons has once again been accused of plagiarism. A 1985 advertisement for French Clothing brand Naf Naf created by french adman Franck Davidovici, claims that Koons's sculpture Fait d'Hiver (1988) is a blatant copy of his "work". An example of the sculpture is just happens to be on view in France at the Centre Pompidou in Paris as part of the ... See the Rest

Artist Justine Lai Imagines What Sex with Former Presidents Was Like

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 12.15.51 PM

Admit it. You were kind of turned on by last night's SOTU, weren't you? Obama being all firm and demanding and whatnot. Well, power is the ultimate aphrodisiac and presidents are just plain HOT. Artist Justine Lai agrees. Years ago, she painted a series of paintings depicting herself having sex with all the presidents in chronological order. In ... See the Rest

Handimals: Guido Daniele’s Hyper-Realistic Animal Hands


Italian artist Guido Daniele transforms human hands into ‘handimals’, jaw-dropping photo-realistic animal portraits. WITHOUT USING PHOTOSHOP. Check them out after the jump! ... See the Rest

#Paddle8: Fab Vintage Poster Auction, From Chinatown To Ciao, Manhattan!

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 1.29.51 PM

Normally, I would encourage people to buy original art, not posters but these all have great "wall appeal". (I still miss my Warhol Trash poster, not the one here. I gave it to my ex.) Well, here's a curated selection of iconic posters on Paddle 8, priced from a just a couple hundred – $200 starting bid on the I Shot Andy Warhol to $11,500 for Dr. ... See the Rest