MILK to the Youth of Today: “Keep Being Weird and You’ll Grow as an Artist”

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In today's Huffington Post, RuPaul's Drag Race season six fan fave MILK gives advice to young queens who don't fit in with more traditional drag styles. Hear his inspiring words of wisdom after the jump.  ... See the Rest

MONDAY NIGHT: Come See the Unveiling of Jason Mecier’s Portrait of Big Freedia at the World of Wonder Storefront Gallery!

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San Francisco based pop artist Jason Mecier creates outrageous 3-D mosaic portraits of treasured pop culture icons. You've seen his Ru, his Lisa Vanderpump, his Justin Timberlake, and his Honey Boo-Boo, of course – all gorgeously rendered from candy and jewelry and common household objects. Now he's done an absolutely uncanny portrait of Big ... See the Rest

#NYFW: Beyoncé Wears Scooter LaForge’s Hand-Painted Artwear

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Yes, New York Fashion Week was happening over the weekend – but it was All Star Weekend too! Beyoncé hit up the b-ball game in a hand-painted trench by artist Scooter LaForge. It's one-of-a-kind coat from Pat Field's shop. You can check other hand-painted numbers here on Scooter's Instagram. I know Scooter a little bit, and we have many friends in ... See the Rest

#VDay: 14 Artists Give You Dozens of Roses For Valentine’s Day

Annie Liebovitz

"What's in a name? that which we call a rose/ by any other name would smell as sweet." –William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet Flowery prose and art for you on Valentine's Day. What more do you want in a post? From Picasso's "Rose Period" to Annie Liebovitz's portrait of Bette Midler who is "The Rose" and a dozen others too. Love and art. All ... See the Rest

#Portlandia: Shepard Fairey Sells Shocking Art Supplies


Portlandia kicked off its fifth season a few weeks ago and in a recent episode shock art gets bashed in one of the best send-ups of bad art genres ever. Fred & Carrie peddle "shock art supplies" to art students at a warehouse-type art supply store called, yes, "Shocking Art Supplies." Artist Shepard Fairey makes a cameo as a store clerk holding ... See the Rest

Quote Unquote: Tilda Swinton On Art & The Origins of “Glamour”


This third person post came from writer and porn star Conner Habib's blog. He witnessed Tilda Swinton’s "moving and radiant speech" in Houston recently. She was presented with the Rothko Chapel Visionary Award at the The Rothko Chapel, which is home to fourteen of Mark Rothko’s paintings. I posted pics of Swinton from W magazine on her visit to ... See the Rest

#FlippedFord: This Upside Down Truck Is A Street-Legal Trick


This incredible upside down truck looks like a flipped-over vehicle –and is street-legal. Rick Sullivan spent six months and $6,000 building the topsy-turvy truck from the parts of two separate vehicles. The road-legal car is created from a 1991 Ford Ranger pickup truck with a 1995 F-150 pickup truck body placed over the top - upside down. Rick got ... See the Rest

#OhLord: These Jesus Paintings Are Unintentionally Hilarious

Jesus with Adam & Eve? (see, not Adam & Steve!) or is it Jon Hamm & Anne Hathaway? 
Anyway, that Garden of Eden hair care really works great!

Artist and Jesus-enthusiast, Nathan Greene has put Jesus in someone awkward positions, if you ask me. The artist has taken some liberties with where people want to have Jesus show up. I know, they are meant to be reassuring with the underlying message that "Jesus is IN your daily life" but the effect in these works of art are more funny, and a ... See the Rest