Art Break: Olivier de Sagazan Will CREEP YOU OUT

Help me, Mommy. The mucho macabre, relentlessly grotesque, and frequently repulsive sculptures of Olivier de Sagazan will leave you with a creeping sort of dread. ... See the Rest

Peg Your Ride: Artist Peggy Noland Wants To Turn Your Car Into a Candy Coated Confection

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Sassy Art History Lesson

Are you are a lover of art history and also kind of a snarky bitch with a short fuse? If so you might appreciate this sassy art history lesson. Sassy art history combines modern day realness with timeless beauty in a way that can ... See the Rest

A Queer New Musical at the Whitney Museum Turns Justin Bieber into Performance Art as A “Prophetic Angel”

Justin Bieber is going to be portrayed as a "prophetic angel-figure" in an upcoming musical, Bieber Bathos Elegy by artist Felix Bernstein at ... See the Rest

Man Turns Decades-Worth of Fingernail Clippings into Lovely, Decorative Paperweights

Well, art is in the eye of the beholder, I guess. 45-year-old Queens native Mike Drake has ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Playwright, Joe Orton

January 1, 1933- Joe Orton: "To be young, good-looking, healthy, famous, comparatively rich & happy is surely going against nature.” If you have ever been the recipient of an email or letter of outrage from one, Edna Welthorpe, I suppose I ... See the Rest

#RIP: Artist, Ellsworth Kelly

Artist Ellsworth Kelly has died, according to Matthew Marks of the Matthew Marks Gallery in Manhattan. He was 92. Born in Newburgh, NY, on May 31, 1923, Kelly studied painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston ... See the Rest

Pop Artist Jason Mecier Turns The Sexiest Men Alive Into “Man Candy” Sweet Sugary Portraits

Pop artist Jason Mecier has created a sweet new series of candy portraits inspired by some of the sexiest men alive, including Andy Cohen (made of tic ... See the Rest