#RealEstatePorn: Who Knew Superman’s Jimmy Olson Lived In a Frank Lloyd Wright Masterpiece?

Jack Larson, who played Jimmy Olson on the '50s Adventures of Superman TV series, was a gay man with apparently world-class taste. Larson, who just passed in September and his late partner James Bridges (who died 25 years ago) ... See the Rest

#FantasyArchitecture: Massive Floating Research Center Inspired By the Manta Ray

The French architect Jacques Rougerie has drawn up plans for a floating research center that looks like a massive manta ray. Dubbed the City of ... See the Rest

#RealEstatePorn: Charleton Heston’s Coldwater Canyon Estate Is a Mid-Century Modern Time Capsule

The long-time home of (Republican & gun advocate) Charlton Heston just hit the market. The house in Coldwater Canyon was designed for Heston in 1959 by architect ... See the Rest

#DecayedRealEstatePorn: 15 of the Most Beautiful Abandoned Buildings in America

America is a relatively young country but it has a storied history of decaying buildings. For Chicago-based photographer Eric Holubow, documenting these decrepit buildings was a way to immortalize bygone eras. Holubow says; “There was also something of a rush ... See the Rest

#RealEstatePorn–London Edition: A Glass Bottom Pool 10 Stories Up

No, no, no, no, no, no.... I'm not THAT afraid of heights but this freaks me out. It will be a ‘World’s ... See the Rest

#10YearsAfter: Brad Pitt Has Built Over 100 Well-Designed, Environmentally-Friendly Homes In NOLA

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#FantasyGetaway: You Could Spend Your Next Vacation in “The Seashell House”

The Seashell House is not by any world-famous architect, but rather a locally famous one, ... See the Rest

#AnyReservations?: Aby Rosen Asked for $3.68 Million PER YEAR in Rent. Now, The Four Seasons Is Closing Its Doors

The Four Seasons restaurant has been in the Seagram Building since 1959. (My first New York City job was a host there in 1980, btw) Now the power lunch ... See the Rest