#LGBT: Anti-Gay Activist Linda Harvey Gripes Everything is SO Pro-Gay, “There’s Nowhere Left To Shop”

Humorist (and lesbian) Fran Leibowitz once said (some 40 years ago) that if you removed everything gay from American culture you'd be left with Let's Make a Deal. Well, anti-gay activist Linda Harvey is living that nightmare. ... See the Rest

#MustSee: New Tide To Go Commercial Features Bible-Clutching Anti-Gay Bigot

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#HatefulTweets: OMG! The Westboro Baptist Church Tweeted The Wow Report!

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#Eye4AnEye: Mama June Threatens Lawsuit Over TLC’s “19 Kids & Counting”

Mama June, the former star of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo says it is not fair that TLC hasn’t pulled the plug on 19 Kids and ... See the Rest

#Shame: Anti-Gay Activist, Josh Duggar Allegedly Admits To Sexually Molesting Sisters

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#DevilsFood: Anti-Gay Cake Bakers Get Their GoFundMe Campaign Shut Down – By Satan!

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#LGBT: This Anti-Gay Republican Is A Former Drag Queen Named Mona Sinclair?

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#LGBT: Pennsylvania High School Students Protest #DayOfSilence With An “Anti-Gay Day”

Students around the country each year participate in a See the Rest