Shameful Silence

Obama Prop 8

The contributing editor of Americablog, Joe Sudbay, has a great article on Huffingtonpost entitled “Mr. President, It's Been 500 Days... Evolve Already!” Sudbay was the reporter whose interview with President Obama first mentioned that the president’s views on marriage equality would “evolve." And unlike Obama, Sudbay wastes no time in taking the ... See the Rest

The Fierce Advocate and 17 Months of Cowardice


Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa joined House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and 22 other Senators who have now stated their support for a marriage equality plank to be included in the Democratic Party Platform. But our so called fierce advocate, President Obama, continues to remain silent. And yesterday Obama’s campaign chief, Jim Messina, was ... See the Rest

Haters Can Go Hungry!

Stacey Campfield

Anti-gay Republican State Senator Stacey Campfield was told to leave The Bistro at the Bijou in Knoxville, Tennessee, by the owner after he attempted to eat there. This comes in the wake of his absolute nutjob interview with Michelangelo Signorile. "I didn't want his hate in my restaurant," owner Martha Boggs said. "I told him he wasn't welcome ... See the Rest

Homo History

Gay Bar in pre-Nazi Berlin - Gerard Koskovich

This is a rare photograph taken at an unidentified gay bar in Berlin, Germany, sometime prior to 1933. It was an ominous time to be gay and German. On May 6, 1933, Nazis ransacked the Institute for Sexual Science in Berlin and thousands of books pertaining to homosexuality were deemed “un-German” and were removed from the Institute’s library and ... See the Rest

The View, Gay Marriage, and the Pope

The View 001

httpv:// A great one-liner by Joy Behar about the Pope and Elton John's wedding starts off a fairly in-depth conversation about marriage equality on The View. ... See the Rest

Does Obama Now Support the Repeal of Marriage Equality?

Screen shot 2012-01-09 at 12.54.35 PM

httpv:// White House Press Secretary Jay Carney refused to answer questions on Thursday when asked about President Obama’s position on the proposed legislative repeal of marriage equality in New Hampshire. A reporter from the Washington Blade repeatedly questioned Carney about the president's position but Carney remained ... See the Rest

Obama’s Hypocritical Speech to the HRC

False Advocate

Obama gave a much anticipated speech to the HRC over the weekend. Many were hoping that this would be the long-awaited moment when the president would announce that he has finally “evolved” and now supports full marriage equality. But that didn't happen, Obama didn’t even make an effort to recant his past bigoted pseudo-religious statements about ... See the Rest

Bigotry Farming

Ithaca Famer's Market

  I had a very interesting phone conversation with the Market Manager of the Ithaca Farmer’s Market (IFM), Cathryn Koken, this morning about the market’s business relationship with Rose Marie Belforti – the town clerk of Ledyard, New York, and a local cheese maker – who has stated that God does not want her to give marriage licenses to gay ... See the Rest